You Can Eat Whatever You Want On A Weight Loss Coffee Diet

What in the world  am I talking about?  You’ve heard it all before I know…”You can eat whatever you like on this diet plan followed by the small print plus exercise etcetera, etcetera.”  I am not hear to waste your time.  Just hear me out.

No Kidding, This Is Real, No Smoke And Mirrors…A Weight Loss Coffee Diet Isn’t Even Really A Diet!

It’s hard for me to even see drinking coffee as a diet.  The simple truth is if we define a diet by the changes we make in what we eat as well as the quantity of what we eat then I suppose that this could be a diet.  From the first day I started using weight loss coffee my eating habits began to change.  First the desire to eat during the day diminishedAbout weight loss coffee diet and because of the natural shrinking of the stomach I ate less in the evenings.  It never mattered what I ate.  The product effectively controls food cravings so at the end of the day I just end up putting less calories in than I burned during the day.

Can you cheat on a weight loss coffee diet?

I wouldn’t consider anything cheating on this type of diet.  I literally go for whatever I want.  The thing is as big as my eyes may be for say a double cheeseburger and french fries I will only get what I can fit in down and that is usually not the whole meal.  This product takes away the guesswork and calorie counting.  You will naturally eat when you are hungry.

I occasionally have weeks when I have to revisit some old habits.  I’ll splurge on some barbecue in the middle of the day (this is just wrong…it makes me sooo sleepy) just for old times sake.  It doesn’t matter.  Now when I eat my stomach tells me to quit way earlier than before so I end up taking food home.  Then the next week if I feel I was slacking I just don’t eat for breakfast and lunch all week.  You will find that you have full control of your urges so you don’t worry about being bad some of the time.

The fact is this is your chance to take control of your food intake.  You will find that without the grip of food cravings in your life you are a far more happy person.  You will smile when that “smedium” t-shirt isn’t so tight anymore.  When you are out with friends you don’t care what hits the table you can have at it because you have controlled yourself the majority of the time.

The steps are simple:

  1. Purchase some weight loss coffee (I have the perfect option for you here)
  2. Make hot water in the morning before you eat anything
  3. Put your coffee into the hot water and dress it how you like it (sugar, creamer, etc)
  4. Just drink the coffee
  5. Repeat daily

One word of caution…

The body needs nutrients to survive I’m sure you know this.  What I don’t like to see is people over doing it.  Two servings of weight loss coffee in a day is tops for me because I wouldn’t want to starve my body.  When I do eat I am sure to mix in some fiber, protein, and leafy greens (preferably organic) so that I don’t leave myself deprived of nourishment.  I would hope that people use common sense with this product.

The Proof Is In The Satisfied Customers

Look at some of these testimonials.  Notice not all people experience the same results.  We all will lose weight but not at the same speed and not in the same ways.  Some lose it really fast others in small increments over a longer time.  So know this when you use the product and understand your body governs the transformation not the product.

My Recommendation

Google weight loss coffee and you will get no less than 5 different products and those are the ones I know of I’m sure there are more.  All I can tell you is the one I use works very well.  It worked so well I became a distributor for the company and now I’m enjoying sharing it with everyone else.

You will find more information on ingredients on this website as well as where you can purchase the product.

I hope I have opened your eyes to the simplicity this product offers in meeting your weight management needs.

Any questions or comments?  Feel free to leave them below and thank you for your time.

Ket Lilly


  1. This is very interesting, I’d never heard of weight loss coffee before. Eating whatever you want here sounds almost too good to be true, so I do like your approach of not overdoing it. Am I right in interpreting that the slimming coffee basically makes you feel more full for longer, so you naturally eat less calories?

    • Correct…it prevents the feeling of hunger during the day and I’m sure you already know if you eat less your stomach is going to shrink in addition. That’s why it doesn’t matter what you eat…you will cut back on that naturally.

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