Weight Loss Coffee…Slims The Waist And Fattens Your Pockets

While you enjoy the pounds slowly melting away and the inches getting less and less there is one more great side benefit you will receive with weight loss coffee.

Not Only Does Weight Loss Coffee Shed Pounds, It Sheds Expenses Too…

One other great benefit of drinking weight loss coffee I like to share with people is potential savings.  Most of us are on the go and as a result we tend to eat on the go as well.

If the coffee is consumed first thing in the morning the satiety effect is much stronger due to no other food slowing the process of digestion of the product.  In fact if you drink the coffee first and wait 10 to 15 minutes you may notice you aren’t hungry for breakfast at all!

So by using theAbout Weight Loss Coffee product you will effectively eliminate the need for breakfast or lunch during the day and that can add up to some substantial savings.

In my case I saved about $220 in monthly food costs after I subtracted the cost of the coffee!  You will also eventually eat less because your stomach is shrinking so you will save at dinner time also.

I can’t think of a more win-win situation than this when it comes to weight loss.  It’s like having your coffee and drinking it too (;

If You Are Going To Use Weight Loss Coffee Buy One That Delivers

There are several brands of weight loss coffee on the market today.  Be aware that if you shoot for cheap products all the time you will get what you pay for.  I recently read an article about garcinia cambogia (the active ingredient in most weight loss coffees) and the article stated that tests have shown that often the supplement contains very little potency.

The particular brand I use which is Valentus SlimRoast is formulated and sourced to deliver results every time.  It may not be the cheapest weight loss coffee per box but you will get the results you seek.

Ket Lilly


  1. I honestly did not know weight loss coffee existed, but I do now. It does make sense to drink it first thing before eating anything so there is nothing else to digest. The fact it suppresses your appetite is pretty cool. Getting extra weight off and saving money sounds like a win win situation to me. Thank you for teaching me something today through this post.

  2. Great post, more content would be awesome.I really did not know that you get weigh loss coffee, but thanks to you I know that it actually does exist.It would also be great if you give us some ideas of where we could get the coffee and names of the coffee, but overall your site looks good.

    • OMG! You are so right. I should have put a link directly in the post. If you look at the menu tabs on the top of the page there is one called My Recommeneded Weight Loss Coffee and there you can get more info on the coffee I use myself as well as sell. Thank you for the reply I will get on that problem asap!

  3. Weight loss coffee seems like a great idea for spring time when I cut and shed some pounds! Does it taste the same as regular coffee? Or even better maybe? I try not to drink coffee every day because caffeine = anxiety for me, but I would still have this a couple times a week to get me going for the day!

    • Yes it does taste the same as regular coffee. The majority of my customers so far have liked the flavor. The efficacy of the coffee is not effected by cream or sugar so you can make it however you like. It does have a good dose of caffeine so it will definitely get you moving! However if caffeine gives you anxiety then you may want to use half a serving because it is pretty strong.

  4. First I’ve ever heard of weight loss coffee. Sounds like a good idea. But I do need more info about the product, to decide if I want to purchase or not.

    How exactly does it work? What’s the ingredient that suppresses the appetite and how much does it cost?
    It might be a good addition to an already healthy diet to get rid of those last extra pounds.

    • Most coffees and teas that are marketed as weight loss products will usually feature garcinia cambogia as the main ingredient. It is possible to get this supplement by itself just do some homework on the quality of the product because there are bogus manufacturers out there.

      The weight loss coffee I recommend has garcinia cambogia and a host of other well known nutrients that increase metabolism as well as control carbohydrate absorption.

      See the ingredients page for more info.

      For pricing information you can look here: SlimRoast

  5. Your article is very interesting!

    I’ve never heard of weight loss coffee, but I do know black coffee is really good for weight loss. I’m not a coffee fan, tea always comes first . But if the weight loss coffee does work, I wanna give it a try. Does it taste like regular coffee or different?



    • It tastes very good to me. Even though I have never been an expert on coffee I could tell right away it was of a higher quality.

  6. Ok maybe I have been living under a rock my entire life, but I have never heard of weight loss coffee before, is this a new thing? How is it different to normal coffee, what’s added to it to make it weight loss? How does it work, just by making you not hungry? Sorry for so many questions I’m just really intrigued!

    • It’s simply coffee with garcinia cambogia and a few other ingredients that help control food cravings.

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