Weight Loss Coffee Review…Valentus Slim Roast Coffee

So you have heard about this new concept in weight loss…Valentus SlimRoast weight loss coffee.  Is it real?  Does it work? How does it work?  Well I’m going to break it down for you and tell you where to get it.

Weight Loss Coffee Review of Valentus SlimRoast

Company:  Valentus

Location:  Sparks, NV

Cost:  $59.95 (for 24 servings or $2.50 per serving)  Volume discounts available to reduce cost per box.

Efficacy: High. Well over 90% of customers get results from this product.

My first exposure to this coffee was about three months ago.  Before I had never heard of such a product but apparently there have been other attempts from other companies that didn’t do so well.

A good indication that a weight loss product is not effective is when you are encouraged to eat and exercise differently.  Not that there is anything wrong with that advice but you will lose weight anyway doing that.

So when I found out this coffee had no extra suggestions for its use other than drink it everyday I must say I was intrigued.  So I tried it and I found it to be very effective at assisting you to lose weight.  I say assisting because thisabout garcinia cambogia product doesn’t contain any unknown magical ingredients it’s just formulated very well.

The main ingredient that gets results in the coffee is garcinia cambogia.  A supplement derived from a fruit called tamarind.  It effectively kills your appetite especially if you have it first thing before eating anything else.

So my results went like this.  I lost weight on average every week for four weeks at about 5 lbs per week.  I plateaued at 185 in about six weeks and began to think the ride was over.  But I think maybe because I do some exercise (I attend Krav Maga classes once a week) I may have been gaining muscle mass while I was slimming down.  I also noticed my waist shrunk down about three inches.

You will find in testimonials that different people will have different results.  I think the body has its set point where it just won’t lose weight any more and me being 5’9 perhaps healthy for me is around 185 lbs.  The point is my waist is smaller and I don’t mind being in public with my shirt off now because I shed most of the fat that made me feel uncomfortable.

So I still use this coffee daily just to maintain my current weight and it is very effective.  I have seen testimonials of people losing up to 55 lbs!  My guess is they were pretty obese.  I was not terribly overweight I just needed something to keep me comfortable.

What To Expect With Slim Roast

The box comes in a pack of 24 servings at a cost of around $60 plus shipping.  If you break that down it is about $2.50 per serving.  If you use this product everyday you will actually save money because you will pass the fast food chains with no problem.

Note:  Valentus offers a considerable savings incentive when you buy more than one box.  For example if you buy a years supply of 16 boxes the cost is $499.95 which before shipping is equal to $31.25 per box!  They also have smaller packages of 3 and 6 box orders so do consider these options if you intend to order the product.

It also has quite a caffeine kick and ginseng so you will be very alert and ready to get About SlimRoast Coffeewhatever it is done you need done.  Eat whatever you desire.  The fact is your own body is going to tell you when you’re really hungry and not carb cravings.

Not only that your stomach is going to shrink so even when you do eat you won’t be able to get as much in as you used to.

In Summation:  Score 10/10

At the end of the day Valentus Slim Roast simply works.  I give it a 10 out of 10 because they not only formulated the product well to get fast results but they over deliver with extra ingredients that promote health and wellness.  The cost of the product is higher than some of its competitors (if you’re buying one box at a time) but it’s my belief that the quality speaks for itself.

Try SlimRoast Now!


If you have any questions about this product or you just want to share your experience with Valentus Slim Roast Coffee please leave a comment.

Ket Lilly


  1. I’m 5 feet but weigh 185. Do you suggest I take the slimroast coffee or the trim one? I really hope this works.

    • Madi these products work woderfully well. The Trim product is great if you don’t like coffee or want to avoid caffeine. It has the same potent appetite suppressant as the Slimroast. Trim has a flavor similar to a pina colada and it also uses stevia as its sweetener. I pull no punches when I say many people do not care for the taste of stevia. For most stevia has an unusual aftertaste and I have found that many people who have sampled Trim can clearly tell stevia is in it. With the SlimRoast you can add sugar and cream or whatever to taste and it still does the job so many find it easier to use.

      Please understand me here…the Trim product is unequivocally an awesome product. I just feel you should know what I have seen from my customers. Stevia doesn’t bother me so much because I know it’s a beneficial ingredient. Not everyone sees it that way. So my advice to you is if you don’t like coffee then Trim will be your best option. If you like coffee the SlimRoast will get you results as well.

      • Hey I’m almost in the process of ordering this. My friend uses it and it works fantastic. But I just recently got diagnosed with an under active thyroid. I’m taking a medication called synthroid is it okay for me health wise to still purchase valentus?

        • Roxanne I can not give you medical advice. The product is 100% natural and more than likely you are okay here but to be on the safe side I recommend showing your doctor the ingredients before using SlimRoast.

      • I spoke to valentus about the guarantee and they proceeded to tell me they cannot accept any returns unless the boxes are full, un opened and in re-saleable condition. The guarantee is bulls**t

        • I had to double check the policy on this and what you say is true. The policies and procedures document on the company website states that all unopened boxes can be returned. Meaning if you purchase a three, six, or sixteen box order the unused boxes can be returned.

          Any boxes that are opened or partially used they will not take back. So if you order just one box there is no return policy for that one box unless you decide to not open it. It is the distributor’s responsibility to convey up to date and accurate policy to customers. I am sorry you were misled and the person who misinformed you hopefully did not do so intentionally.

        • Hey Molly I experienced the same crap from Valentus….I asked them why does it matter about the box this does not affect the sealed sachets. Stupid nonsense. I tried to get them to exchange the Trim drinks for slim roast coffee. I actually lost no weight at all in 5 weeks. I was drinking the coffee before breakfast, the Trim before lunch and the ?Boost before bedtime. Paulapickett@yahoo.com

          • I am not in agreement with that policy but it is not my call to make. I have one thing to say about all of this and I feel it’s important so that everyone reading this understands how and why SlimRoast works.

            If you use a sachet (1 packet) of SlimRoast and you do not feel like you are full or in other words your desire to eat has not changed you are still hungry then this product will not be much use to you. The main reason the coffee works is appetite suppression. There are no snake oil ingredients or magical potions in the coffee that will have you losing weight AND eating an excessive amount of calories.

            So if it doesn’t curb your appetite don’t expect to be amazed by its performance. I am sorry that you have had a bad experience with Valentus I try my best to let people know what they are getting up front.

            Thank you for commenting.

      • I started coffee march 18 2017 and have lost 32 lbs. It has suppressed my hunger so that i have changed eating habits and wanted to walk 3 to 4 miles daily. Down 4 1/2 pant sizes. Im very thankful and my heart depended on this weight loss. I would like to lose 40 more pounds slowly with excercise for the heart included. I will get to my goal.
        God bless you and all weight loss journeys.

    • Hi Madi. Take both. I have my coffee in the morning. My trim after lunch and I also use the immune booster at night. I’m down 18 pounds in 6 weeks and haven’t had a cold all winter.

    • Hi! Sounds great! So if you lose a bunch of weight and stop drinking the coffee, will you gain all your weight back? Curious.. Thanks 🙂

      • If you return to your old eating habits I would assume you would gain the weight back. We should all face it…until we change our eating habits there is no magic potion that is going to allow us to eat in excess without paying the price.

        Using coffee as a medium for appetite suppression attempts to release us from pills, shakes, calorie counting, costly operations, or any other weight loss concept you can think of that gets you temporary results. I have used this coffee for over a year now and it is second nature to me because drinking coffee in the morning is a ritual.

        I guess the day I stop drinking coffee that would be the time to wonder if my weight is coming back…but why on earth would I do that?

        • Earlier in this article you say that you don’t have to change your eating habits, just drinking the coffee will help you lose weight and then in your comment here you say “if you return to your old eating habits you assume that the weight will come back. You also say here until we change our eating habits there is not magic potion that is going to allow us to eat in excess without paying the price…..so I’m need some clarification on this.

          • What I mean by returning to your old eating habits is eating with no boundary. Having an appetite suppressant provides you with the ability to avoid over eating and compulsive snacking. So yes without drinking the coffee you probably will eat like you have always eaten and get the same results you were getting before the coffee.

            It doesn’t matter what you like to eat. The fact is if the coffee curbs your appetite you will eat less and that’s why it works period. So I guess to make it more simple…the coffee assists you in controlling the amount of food you eat. If you love pizza you will just eat less of it. That’s all to this I hope that helped clear things up.

  2. I would love to try that coffee because my cousins tell me it’s so good. I want to lose weight, as soon as possible. That slim roast coffee may help me.

    • Everyone loses weight at different rates so I can’t say how fast it will work for you. The objective here is to lose weight safely over time. This is not a crash diet. Pretty much as long as you are willing to drink coffee…you can control your intake of food which will control your weight.

      The last person I have watched closely lost 5 pounds the first week then nothing the second week. The third week she was down 10 pounds. Like I said your personal physiology determines how quickly you get results.

      You can purchase the coffee here.

  3. Hi there,

    I can see how coffee can work as a slimming aid because coffee is an appetite suppressant. Adding a special ingredient can only be beneficial.

    I see how this can work, as most people are lazy or forgetful when it comes to taking pills, introducing them into everyday life in form of patches or a morning coffee or tea is a great idea. People will get the benefits with out realizing it.

    • The fact that we use coffee to get garcinia cambogia in to the body truly has its advantages. People all over the world enjoy a at least one cup a day. It practically requires no change in a persons habits…it’s awesome. so long as you enjoy coffee you can control your appetie.

      • Hello, just wondering if you could please tell me how to take the skim roast in the morning? Do I need to wait for a period of ttime, until I can eat something for breakfast?

        • Sorry so long getting back…I have had some difficulties on my site recently I lost some of my messages. To answer your question I would just drink the coffee in the morning first thing before eating anything. If you feel hungry after drinking it then just go ahead and eat.

          There is no strict guideline to adhere to you are just trying to curb appetite so just eat when you’re hungry.

  4. Great review. I really like the posts that have to do with health and wellness because I know that it is part of having a well balanced life. I know that when people get the nutrition they need, it gives them the energy they need, and that goes with the promotion of products such as the one your are promoting.

    • I agree and I do stress balance here. I don’t condone over doing it with appetite suppressants. We still need carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins that can’t be delivered by this coffee alone. so I always tell my customers to eat when you’re hungry. The body will let you know when it’s time and when you need to eat try to get in a balanced meal.

  5. This is amazing! I spend most of my time not eating hardly anything and trying to control my weight! I also cut out coffee etc and started drinking green tea in the hope that this would speed up my metabolism.

    I am definitely going to try this – does it taste like normal coffee? The fact that it has the same effect as coffee and helps you to lose weight is even better. Appetite suppressant as well… wow!

    • I’m no coffee snob by any means but it tastes good to me and many of my customers say it is a good quality coffee. You can dress this coffee any way you like it will not effect its ability to curb your appetite. I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you first use it.

  6. I saw my friend had lost weight since I had seen her last time…

    So she offered me this SlimRoast coffee. I was so scared because I have a problem in my stomach if I drink coffee (gastric pain). I did try just half of the sachet every morning before meals. I did notice it makes me very energetic and my face is glowing even when I haven’t taken a shower!

    I started drinking SlimRoast January 20th and my weight was 52kg (114.5 lbs). Today is February 20th and my weight is 50kg (110 lbs) if I eat something in the morning; with out eating it is 49kg+ (108 lbs).

    This is really amazing. It really works. I did lose weight and aside from that it helps me be more energetic, gives me glowing skin and shapes my body!!!!

    Thank you Valentus SlimRoast coffee!!!!

    • Wow what a testimonial! I have not had anyone yet tell me SlimRoast makes their skin glow! This must be a detoxification benefit from using our product that’s the only way I could explain it.

      I see also you didn’t have a major shift in weight loss much like me. I lost 25 lbs gradually over 4 months and now I just maintain at around 180. But I also during that time lost inches around my waist. I am now on my last belt loop! Everyone gets a different effect but most so far have had positive experiences.

      Thank you so much for sharing that with us.

  7. Loved the coffee. It definitely curved my appetite. And I really loved that it taste great! A must try!

    • You know I never drank a lot of coffee before using SlimRoast so I don’t know truly what bad coffee tastes like, LOL.
      Anyway it’s good to hear another customer who can vouch for the taste.

      Thanks Marlyn.

    • Yes I feel the same way it’s like you have all this energy and you’re just ready to do something with it…I’m not sure what ingredient or ingredients are responsible for it. It could be the green tea extract I suppose it is known to create a feeling of alertness. I’m sure the caffeine from the coffee beans has some input too. Awesome.

  8. I take sleep medication at night that is prescribed by my doctor. Is it safe for me to drink the slim roast coffee? I have a sample that I’ve been hesitant to try.

    • I am no doctor so I can’t answer that. I would ask my doctor first. There is caffeine in this product so I never would recommend using it in the evening or at night because it will probably keep you up. When you ask your doctor I would include the other ingredients in the conversation as well you can find the ingredients here: http://slimdownwithcoffee.com/ingredients

      • That happened to me! I mixed just half of Valentus in my regular coffee I drink in The afternoon and went running for 6km…. Omg I díd not sleep at all the whole evening I was awake and it was so hard for me to sleep until the next morning. I could still feel the energy! I guess its because I never drink coffee… I will never drink this again in the afternoon😬

        • Yes Rochelle as I have said before this coffee is not as strong as Starbucks but it is still pretty strong at 120mg of caffeine per serving. The truth is only you know your body so not everyone is going to respond the same way to the coffee. I know I can’t drink it in the evening because I too would be up all night.

          You probably could have run for 12km! Lol.

  9. Hi there I was reading about the slim roast coffee and I haven’t tried it yet. If I am taking some medicine like hormones for my thyroid will it be a problem to drink the slim roast coffee? Also for my age 62 yrs old can I still drink that coffee? I would like to loose weight my problem is my tummy. I’ve tried a lot of diet stuff but I have had no luck. I hope if I try this coffee it will be ok and work with me. I hope to hear from you soon. By the way how can I be a member? Can I have a trial or sample?

    • I am unable to answer questions about our products interaction with prescriptions. You will need to consult your doctor to be sure that the ingredients in SlimRoast are not going to interfere with your medication. The ingredients are all natural and you can find them here: http://slimdownwithcoffee.com/ingredients

      As far as the coffee being an issue for age that has not been a factor. If you are interested in selling the coffee yourself contact me at ket@slimdownwithcoffee.com and I will discuss the details with you. I can also arrange for a sample to be sent to you depending on where you live.

  10. Tried a cup of coffee today didn’t lIke the taste it was not the taste of coffee will return the samples back to my friend and stick to weight watchers and excerise thanks though all the best God bless

    • Hello Chris, I have had one other customer so far who did not like the taste. The formulator of this coffee chose Arabica coffee beans of a high quality I am told. What I can’t figure is the effect all the other beneficial ingredients this coffee has on a sensitive palate. I am not and have never been a coffee aficionado so it never seemed strange tasting to me. Most people so far have liked the taste of SlimRoast but there is no such thing as a perfect product for everyone. Thank you for trying a sample and sharing with us.

    • I don’t drink coffee at all, because of the taste of it. But when I tried the sample given to me by a friend, I added some butter pecan cream to the coffee. This makes it taste a lot better. Only my opinion though…

  11. Hi, I love to drink coffee but I only drink the decaf coffee. I have a stomach problem if I drink coffee with caffeine. Do you have another slimroast coffee that has no caffeine?

    • I am sorry Joy but at this time there is no decaf coffee product from Valentus. The only other weight loss product is called Trim and it also curbs appetite as well. It is more of a fruit drink some say it tastes like a Pina Colada. You can read up on it here: Valentus Trim

      This product also has caffeine but at a lower level and may be easier for you to handle.

  12. Hi,
    I’ve been drinking the coffee for a week now, and other than a decrease in appetite I have not seen any weight change or slimming in any areas of my body. I bought a month worth of supplies and I am going to stick to drinking 2 packs a day until my supply runs out. But did any of your customer other customers run into the same issue? What am I doing wrong? Not even a pound was shed =( I’ve been drinking more water (not like 8 glasses a day, like 3-4) exercised 2-3 times a week.

    • I would say see where you are at when you finish your supply of the coffee. No one person gets the same results and although SlimRoast is effective in over 90% of people who use it unfortunately we can’t deny there is a small percentage of people who won’t get results. I have only seen one customer so far that it didn’t do much for but she admitted to me she couldn’t stop eating sweets at work. If the product doesn’t curb your appetite then it will be a longer process to get results. It took her over 12 weeks to lose 10 lbs and she never was able to lose any more than that.

      Give the coffee time. One week is hardly enough to gauge how well it will work for you. One other thing you may consider…if you are working out 2-3 per week you may be gaining muscle mass which is actually heavier than fat. So it may be harder for you to see the changes in weight. Like I said give it time and hopefully you will see better results.

  13. I’m just wondering why they state on the packet not to use dairy or sugar, but I’ve heard people using flavoured sweetened milk and that’s ok? Why not the dairy?

    • The packets state as a suggestion to use non caloric sweeteners as an alternative. Just a measure to further help the user manage weight. I use sugar in my own. It is completely optional to dress the coffee as you like.

  14. I lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks with slim roast and 15 total inches.
    Do Not use boiling water over 180 degrees!!
    It will “cook” the benefits of the weight loss ingredients and you will not lose weight. Also you can use this as iced coffee!
    There are 120 mg of caffeine in each slim roast. Trim has 60 mg caffeine. Immune has no caffeine to my knowledge.

    • I hadn’t tried SlimRoast yet as an iced coffee that sounds like a great idea. This website is dedicated to weight loss coffee and some of the readers may be lost about some of the things you mentioned Joe.

      TRIM is another weight loss product from Valentus that is in the form of a powdered fruit drink. It also contains garcinia cambogia as an appetite suppressant as well as other ingredients that detoxify the body. Excellent product my daughter uses it everyday before school.

      IMMUNE BOOST is a product designed to fortify the immune system. I am a big fan of supplementation and this product (also in powdered fruit drink form) is very impressive. It’s ingredients are a catalog of super-foods. No colds last winter on this product.

      ENERGY which Joe didn’t mention is an alternative to high sugar energy drinks. This product is diabetic friendly (actually all of Valentus’ products are diabetic friendly) and will not zap the pancreas. It actually stimulates the mind naturally.

      For more info on these products you can find them here.

      I don’t talk about the other products on this site because this site is dedicated to weight loss coffee but I just figured someone may have been lost on your comment.

      Thank you Joe.

      • I’ve been taking the coffee for the past 3 days, and all my muscles around the joints if not the joint itself is painful, could there be some side effect that I haven’t picked up? Otherwise the coffee worked from day 1 in terms of suppressing appetite, my skin is glowing. I eat when my body requires for food and I must say I have really cut down on consumption of food.

        • Your reaction would be the first time I personally have heard of it. Because I am no doctor any statements I would make are purely speculative so I won’t bother. Instead I would contact support@valentus.com and ask them if they have any information on that side effect.

        • Hello Masa,
          I have had the exact same reaction of muscle aches and joint pain 3 days into the products. I’m thinking it’s detox effect.
          Are you still using the product and if so, have the side effects stopped?

  15. I love coffee and usually have 3 to 4 in a morning, would I have one packet first thing and then have my other two throughout the morning? Is the one coffee packet a day enough or should you have the energy and the immune daily also.

    • That completely depends on you. Everyone responds differently to the products. It also makes a difference on what your goals are. The other two products Immune and Energy you mentioned are very effective products and I recommend them daily. The coffee however I personally wouldn’t drink more than two in a 24 hour period due to its caffeine content. Some people only need one. It just depends on your personal needs.

      I have one customer that actually puts SlimRoast in her normal coffee she drinks! Talk about a rush! I don’t need that much caffeine in my life. Again you choose what’s right for you.

  16. My husband started two weeks ago and already lost 21 lbs. I stopped losing after having gastric bypass (10years ago) …I started drinking this and lost 2 lbs in a 24 hour period…love this coffee!

    • I’m happy to hear that Kari! If you get a chance let us know you results after about four weeks I would be really interested to see your progress.

  17. Ket thank you so much for your review I have been on slim roast coffee for a week now. I was 11-st-9 and a 42-inch waist going to check after 24 pack as gone. But I know it’s working I feel so good can’t wait.

    • That sounds awesome David…I had a hard time figuring out your measurement but I see it’s in stones I hadn’t heard of that before. It’s good to see people getting results all around the world.

      Thanks David

  18. I tried the coffee today for the first time and it didn’t give me any energy.
    I had it with milk and Sweeteners. Is it ok to use the milk and Sweeteners? Thanks.

    • What you add to it doesn’t matter. It is unusual to hear that you didn’t feel energetic. Most people I have spoke with if nothing else they get that right away. Maybe you have a high tolerance for caffeine? If you have been drinking heavily caffeinated drinks like Starbucks this coffee may be a lightweight to you it is 120mg where as some Starbucks drinks can be as high as 400 mg or more.

      • Can I just drink the coffee and not any of the others and still get results? I love the coffee

        • By the others I think you are referring to the 12in24 plan where you also use two of the other Valentus products Trim and Immune for 4 weeks…the answer to that is yes. SlimRoast by itself will do the job. The 12in24 plan is a very aggressive and highly effective plan put together by Valentus’ leadership but it is not required to get results. The 12in24 plan just gets it done faster.

    • I wish I could help you with that question but I’m no doctor. You will need the advice of a physician to answer that question.

      I would present to the doctor all of the ingredients in SlimRoast because aside from the caffeine there may be other ingredients considered not healthy while breastfeeding.

      Oh and congrats on the newborn🙂

  19. So what happens if I decide to no longer drink it? Will the weight be put back on? I typically don’t believe in weight loss through supplements.

    • Because appetite suppression is the major factor in getting results, when and if you decide to stop using SlimRoast you probably would gain weight. But why would you? If you are drinking coffee already why not keep your appetite under control?

      Drinking SlimRoast is a lifestyle. It’s literally controlling your intake of calories to maintain your ideal weight by doing something many people do everyday…drink coffee. If you drink coffee daily it’s a no brainer. If you don’t then you may want to try the the Trim product instead it will do the same for you with half the caffeine.

  20. I just received my first box. I usually drink a smoothie every morning and in the past have put instant coffee in it. Will the SlimROAST work that way or does it need to be added to hot water to work? Thanks!

    • As far as I know there is no other food item that will cause the active ingredients in SlimRoast not to work. Hot water is not critical here we even have some customers who drink it cold. If your smoothie turns out great feel free to share the recipe!

      • It’s a banana, cocoa mix with almond or cashew milk, no fat vanilla yohurt with flax, hemp hearts and ground chia. Tasted great with the coffee.

  21. So using sugar and creamer to dress up the slim roast will not effect you losing weight?

    • When you choose to add sugar and creamer ( particularly creamers with added sugar) you are in fact working against your weight loss efforts. That being said SlimRoast is designed to curb your appetite regardless of what you put into the coffee. The simple fact is people who exercise some degree of moderation here are going to get better results.

      I’ll give you a perfect example of what I mean. I have a friend who works in an office where the co-workers arrive everyday with cakes and donuts and they have a social gathering where they have all become accustomed to communicating while eating food. She found it very difficult to stop eating obviously due to the social norm in this setting. After 4 weeks she only lost 12 pounds while using SlimRoast and she became discouraged. 12 pounds was not bad for the environment she tried to lose weight in by the way.

      No one is going to get the same results there are just too many factors. What I can say is the more you allow the coffee to assist you in cutting back on sugar and processed carbs the better off you will be. But if you are socially or emotionally attached to your eating habits you will have a harder time than someone who just needs a little help to resist bad choices.

      Takeaway here Amber just drink the coffee however you like it. The important part is what you do in the hours after that. Remember that just because some people are losing 60 and 70 pounds in some cases 2-3 months these people have factors and habits that may not be the same as you. Valentus wants its customers to comfortably and safely lose weight to their own satisfaction.

      Hope that helps.

  22. If cream, or fat is part of my diet (keto or LCHF) I am free to add it correct? It won’t reduce the effectiveness?

    • No. There is no known ingredient that I have been made aware of that will stop the product from doing its job. Most people experience great and immediate results with SlimRoast. If you drink the coffee and don’t feel full after drinking it that would be an indication that it may be ineffective for you. It is rare but it does happen in a small percentage of people.

  23. Hello Ket

    I am truly amazed with this coffee it really gives you more energy and it really controls your appetite. I read about this coffee a long time ago but did not try it right away. But then one day I said I’m gonna try this then I ordered online on Ebay. After 3 days I got the package and I was excited to drink it the following day in the morning and I’m kind of crazy about it because it really worked! I don’t get hungry right away. I drink it like 7:30am in the morning and usually by 9am I need to eat something but with this coffee you don’t feel hungry or crave to eat something. Before when I didn’t eat at the right time it would trigger my migraine right away so that’s why in my mind I eat a lot because I don’t want headaches but with this coffee it’s amazing. I don’t comment usually but I just wanted to express my feelings on how I felt with this coffee. Right now I have been drinking Valentus Coffee for 4 days and I feel better and I am even not eating like a pig. Losing weight is the story. Thanks..

    • Let,

      I love your enthusiasm for SlimRoast and I am very happy that the product is giving you the results you want. But I feel I have to weigh in here on something you said and that’s ordering your coffee from Ebay.

      I get it. People like a bargain; I do too. But there are some things you should know about buying Valentus products from third party sites like Ebay and Amazon.

      First of all the sellers on these sites are not usually distributors. You know they are not because Valentus determines the price of the product and even distributors through contractual agreement are not allowed to change the price of the products. So what happens is someone sees they can buy the product at a cheaper price by buying the bulk order (the sixteen pack makes a box of SlimRoast around $31 per box) which any customer with a preferred customer account can do and then they turn around and sell it to you on Ebay and Amazon for a profit of $10 to $15 a box!

      Here is something else you may not know…these boxes are ordered to someone’s home usually where God only knows they are processed and relabeled to be sent to fulfillment centers. I hope that no one ever gets a contaminated box from some unscrupulous seller. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. But you will find it difficult to get help from Valentus after you purchase products from these side alley sellers on Ebay and Amazon.

      Valentus guarantees its product and ships it from the warehouse directly to your door. It was never meant to be sold on Ebay. Not only is your guarantee void but other perks like referring two customers and getting a free box is out of the question too.

      Like I said I get it. We all want to save a buck. But if your SlimRoast shows up in old packages or when you open the packets the coffee is a solid rock you can thank your friendly Amazon or Ebay seller for leaving the product in his garage for weeks before getting it to a fulfillment center.

      Anyway my friend I hope you continue to get results and I am glad you left a comment.

  24. Just had my first slim roast coffee and let me tell u I hate coffee but this is fab going on hols in 2 weeks so I’m trying to shed some weight and fat. I too was worried about my migraines but after reading the posts I’m looking forward to seeing good results from this product. I never post comments on sites so this is a first for me

    • Sharon I’m happy that you felt compelled to share your comment with us. I too never cared much for coffee before using SlimRoast. So I get where you’re coming from. Please let us know how things work out for you.

      By the way what does “hols” mean?

  25. Hi I’m planning to use this product, since I heard a lot of positive feedback. But I am still breastfeeding my 16 month old baby. My question is, is it safe for me to take this product?

  26. Hi, just wondering as I love coffee, can I drink as much regular coffee as I want as well as the 1 slim roast, or is it just water you are meant to drink?

    • Your coffee consumption is not an issue. In fact you may continue to eat and drink whatever you want. Drinking water will cause weight loss anyway but it will be even more effective with an appetite suppressant like SlimRoast.

  27. Can you take the coffee while you are on thyroid medication ?

    • You will need to talk to your physician on this matter. While all the ingredients are natural I am not qualified to tell you if they will have an adverse reaction with medication.

  28. I want this but I cannot find how long it takes to ship. I’d like to know that before I pay for it.

    • You can direct that question to support@valentus.com. Delivery times vary depending on where you are located in the world I know that much. It usually takes me two to four days to get my order however I am in Texas. Support should be able to give you a good estimate of delivery time.

  29. Hi I just received my 3 boxes of this coffee which I ordered online. I’m a coffee and tea lover. My question is : is it required to do regular exercise to get and see its results after drinking? Is it ok to drink this coffee while drinking green tea at the same time. By the way I consume 3 cups of green tea everyday. I’m afraid if I’ll be over dosing my caffeine consumption because I have also insomnia and sometimes I take my sleeping medication if needed.

    Thanks and best regards

    • The answer to the first question is no…you are not required to exercise with this coffee. The products ability to suppress appetite is the critical factor in getting results not exercise. Of course exercise will speed up your results but it is not required.

      As for the issue with the green tea…both of these products are natural. My personal view on this and again I am no doctor is that natural foods except in some rare circumstances (allergies, contamination, mislabeling,etc) are not harmful even when we have lots of it. The question you rose here that you definitely will want to get your doctor to answer is the effect of caffeine on your condition. SlimRoast has a good amount of caffeine (120mg) so I would be cautious if I suffered from insomnia.

      Please check with your doctor.

  30. Hello, I have just ordered my first valentus slim roast yesterday and have had my first drink this morning. My concern is, is it ok to drink slim roast in the morning while drinking my regular ginger root tea with lemon before bedtime? Is drinking this tea going to change or disturb the effect of the coffee?

    • I have not heard as of yet any other natural product that will change the efficacy of SlimRoast coffee’s ingredients. So I would say continue doing whatever makes you comfortable.

      • Thanks for the reply sir. I have one more question. Anyway, it’s my friend’s concern since she couldn’t find this site she asked me to do the inquiry for her. By the way, she’s the one who introduced me to this product to give it a try. Anyway, here is her concern…she has been drinking her coffee almost 2 weeks now but before she tried this coffee she was taking a different kind of diet drink in the morning and taking a chewable kind of diet candy which has natural wild mango in it, (she said) and garcinia cambogia and it is sugar free. As she started drinking her coffee she stopped drinking the other diet drink at that very moment but continues taking the chewable diet candy. She drinks the coffee first thing in the morning while taking the candy diet pills at lunch time and late afternoon. So the question is…is it ok to take these two different products at the same time? If used together will it effect the composition or the effectiveness? Or is there a negative reaction taking those two? And do you have any advice? Thank you in advance.

        • First of all I think your friend is overwhelming herself. At some point in all of this appetite suppression you must get sustenance. It sounds to me like she is practically living on dietary supplements…that can’t be good. I would prefer she picks one product and leave the others alone. That’s my personal answer.

          Now to get a professional answer…you may want to consult a licensed nutritionist (which I am not) and see what a trained professional would tell you. My knowledge only extends to what is readily available online and my experience with the product. I have no authority to give you this type of advice…I’m sorry I can’t do more for you.

          Please tell your friend to be careful.

  31. Hello and good day/night, I have been drinking Valentus Slimroast coffee for 6 days now and I should take the 7th day off, right? And I also want to know if it is ok taking this Slimroast coffee while I am having my glutathione iv once a week and this glutathione iv also has a benefit for losing fat while suppressing the appetite. My question is, does the coffee still maintain its effectiveness while I am on my glutathione iv?

    • Taking the 7th day off from the coffee is purely a preference on your part. There is no required rule or guideline from Valentus stating that you MUST take a day off. I don’t drink it on the weekends that’s just my choice. Use it however you like.

      Glutathione as far as I know is a safe supplement and I do not believe it will have any adverse effect on the coffee’s efficacy. I had a similar question like this not long ago and I’ll tell you the same…don’t over do it. Each supplement has its purpose and I wouldn’t use two different products simultaneously to get a desired outcome.

      When you mix products you will not know which one is actually working for you and you are probably in uncharted waters as far as how the products interact with one another. Just because the FDA has an item identified as safe to consume there is vert little research done beyond that. So when mixing supplements do be careful and if you really want to be safe consult a naturopathic doctor or some other licensed professional to be sure you’re not doing more harm than good.

    • Absolutely! You will notice on the packets it recommends no more than two packets a day. I’m sure this is due to the caffeine content in the coffee. I would also add that eating at least 1500 calories a day (preferably nutritious calories) will help avoid putting your body into a starvation mode where your metabolism slows to deal with scarcity.

      In other words use common sense and don’t over do it. We must eat to live the coffee is not a meal replacement neither is the Trim product.

  32. Will the amount of caffeine and other ingredients in it and the fact it gives you loads of energy make me feel jittery.

    • That depends on your tolerance to caffeine. I would say if you can drink to cups of coffee in an hour and not feel jittery you probably can handle SlimRoast. However you always have the option of drinking half a cup at first and getting used to it.

      • I usually eat breakfast IMMEDIATELY upon waking and take my coffee to work to enjoy while working, will the product work like this or do you suggest drinking the slim roast on an empty stomach BEFORE breakfast is consumed. Thanks!

        • In my experience with the coffee using the coffee after eating seems slow the effectiveness down. Probably because your food needs time to digest and it holds the garcinia cambogia up from doing its job.
          However I also believe that as long as you feel less hungry during the day then however you use it as up to you.

  33. I have been on this a week and a half and I definitely have a burst of energy, I have not seen any weight lost as yet – hopefully I will soon I love the taste of it.

    • Be sure to watch your inches too. You may not be losing weight very quickly but you will usually see a change in the circumference of your waist, abdomen, and neck.

      Too often people are using the coffee and anticipating huge weight loss results and that may be because in testimonials it is usually going to be the people with greater than normal results who are ready to tell everyone.

      The simple truth is your body decides how quickly and in what way you get results but you have to monitor them all (weight and inches) to know you are getting progress. Get back to us and let us know how it goes and thanks for sharing.

  34. Hi. I was wondering if this would still work on a meal replacement diet , I have a shake for breakfast, lunch , 2 snacks and a 600 calorie dinner – 1200 calories a day . Thank you .

    • I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work with your diet. Particularly if you are prone to temptation on such a strict diet. Wow you must really be disciplined to handle that regimen. I know I couldn’t last a day on 1200 calories! Lol

  35. I do find it hard in the evening that’s why I thought I’d try the cofeee , had my first one yesterday I did find it a little strong as I don’t normally drink black coffee so I added a bit of milk to it from my daily calorie allowance. Can I just check if thats ok and it won’t affect the use of the coffee please . Many thanks Kelly

    • The milk will have no effect on the coffee’s active ingredients. But remember the best results come when you drink it on an empty stomach. Eating food and drinking the coffee will significantly slow down the fullness effect. I think this is because it gets caught up in digestion with your food.

  36. I used slim roast 15 days but I did not reduce my weight even 1 kg …I am 5.1 and my weight is 66kg …is it not working? Not suitable for my body? Can I continue it or leave it ..? Is it a waste of money? Please tell me what to do??? Thanks

  37. I used it with an empty stomach and i did not eat any fast food and soft drinks and I take meal 2 times morning and evening and between meal i ate just fruits and milk ..but slim roast not effected on me please tell me can I continue it or leave?

    • When you say “meal” do you mean you sat down to eat twice in the morning and the evening? You will know the coffee is beneficial to you if you do not desire to eat as much. For example I seldom ever eat in the morning I just drink the coffee and I am not hungry until mid afternoon. If the coffee isn’t curbing your appetite then I would say you are resistant to the ingredients and you should not expect good results. Whether you continue or not Hania that is your call.

  38. Well I dont have an appetite but I drink beer after 9:00, about 5 or 6 cans and I have one meal a day before 5. I am going to try this is it worth my while? ty

    • Kind of hard to say…5 or 6 cans of beer is going to be hard to control because the desire to drink isn’t the same as the desire to eat. You are already eating one meal a day so your extra calories are coming from the beer. It would seem to me it is unlikely you will be helped by an appetite suppressant.

  39. I have just finished my 1st box of coffee today. Before it my weight was 67.7kg and now after 24 days my weight is 64.2 at morning with an empty stomach. Am I doing good with this coffee??? I take my coffee every morning with an empty stomach …I do not feel hungry till 6pm..then I feel some hunger and I take 1 glass of milk and an apple. I take a meal just 1 time within 24 hours …a 600 to 1000 calorie diet per day..but one thing I want to ask can I drink 6 – 7 glasses of water??? Because after I take my slimroast I do not feel thirst or hunger..but water is good for health. And one thing more please tell me can I take my iron tab while using slimroast thanks ..waiting for your reply.

    • I would say that if you are losing weight (and it appears you are) then yes you are doing good. As far as water goes you are encouraged to stay hydrated it actually helps the product work much better. So yes on the water definitely. As far as the iron supplement I personally have not heard of any negative reactions to natural supplements when used while taking SlimRoast. However as an added measure of safety it would not hurt to talk to your doctor about it.

  40. Hi I just found out about this coffee today. I really want to try it and was trying to order it but I don’t know why it says I’m on the wrong page. Can someone help me with this please? Also I’m almost 5 ft and my weight is 100 kg and I’m on Metformin & amp, on Orlistat by my Dr and that’s not even helping me. So what do you think will this coffee help me with my stubborn fat? Please let me know how to order online.

  41. I’ve been doing slim roast for 1 month as has my boyfriend. We’ve lost nothing. In fact we both believe we’ve gained weight. It did not suppress our appetite in any way.

    • I have known a few customers and friends who were completely resistant to SlimRoast. I have said in earlier posts that unfortunately some will not get any major changes with the coffee. I do know that in some cases the inches (like the waist or thighs) change ahead of the weight loss so it is a good practice to keep your eyes on both weight and inches lost.

      That being said if it didn’t work for you I am sorry to hear that. I appreciate you taking time to share your experience.

    • Didnt work for me either I’ve bloated like a balloon and gained over 10lbs and haven’t even completed the full box yet. Still got 4 sachets left wont be buying again.

      • Wow…I have had some customers Slimroast didn’t help but never one who actually gained weight because of the coffee. I’m saying it again and I’ll say it a thousand times if I have to…if you use Slimroast and from the first try your appetite is not suppressed you are resistant to garcinia cambogia.

        The key to the product is appetite suppression. It is not a magic pill that allows us to consume the amount of food we always have and still lose weight. So if you try this the way I recommend which is first thing in the morning without eating food you should immediately feel less hungry or not hungry at all. Eating food and drinking Slimroast doesn’t work well for me. It limits the effectiveness.

        I appreciate your comment Joanne.

      • Well sorry it would seem this ‘Magical’ Coffee does NOT work for everyone, today is my 10th day with 1 coffee a day and no weight loss, no inches lost…nothing!! I have even been watching my diet and drinking loads of water and no weight loss….Very disapointed that this product has been given all the hype as its not cheap! Let down totally,, will be sticking to the ole fashioned diets in future,,good diet and exercise!

        • I would agree with you…there are some that the coffee hasn’t helped I have mentioned this before. I have heard all types of excuses but the simple fact is it worked for me and I did nothing special as well as many other customers. Ells this coffee is not “magical” and I have never stated that nor any real distributor for Valentus. Wish it could have been better for you. Thanks for your comment.

  42. Hi there,

    To be honest, I’ve never heard of a weight loss coffee. The fact is that I would like to lose a few kilos, 10 or more, to be honest. The fact is also that I like coffee. It looks like the perfect solution. I just hope that I will not start shaking if I drank too much coffee.


  43. So, what regimen has given the best results? I would like to know how the people who lost the most weight, incorporated Valentus into their diet. Just the coffee before breakfast? Or, coffee before breakfast, Trim before lunch and Boost before or AFTER dinner? Or can you do 3 coffees or a coffee and two Trims, before each meal? What is the best way to use Valentus?

    • Sorry so long getting back…to answer this question I will say that no one is physiologically the same so what works for some may not work for others. Valentus doesn’t recommend more than two servings of SlimRoast a day due to the high caffeine content. So if you want to maximize your efforts You can drink two servings of SlimRoast and one Trim to keep your appetite under control all day.

      This is just a suggestion. The truth is you will have to see what works well for you.

  44. I started the coffee on Tuesday and by Friday I was 5 pound lighter including exercise. So far so good no side effects

  45. Hi i really want to try this sounds soooo good and i drink coffee alot an energy drinks just wanted to ask can i make it a milky coffee or is there a way i can buy a sample like one sachet to see the taste as im not a fan of strong coffee an dont want to spent alot of money if i wont drink it thanks xxx

    • I have seen people make iced coffee with SlimRoast. So you can fix it up however you like. I don’t know of anyway to get just one sachet unfortunately…you will have to take the plunge and try a box or try Facebook or a local search in your area for distributors.

      I wish I could tell you how to reach a distributor in your area but Valentus keeps distributor info confidential.

  46. Hi I have been on slim roast for just over a week. Really enjoying it up to now and have lost abit of weight all ready, however I have started getting sharp pains in my chest wondering if this has anything to do with it or just a coincidence. I have never had chest pains before and only on 1 cup of slim roast in the morning

      • I will do thank you very much for your reply. Hoping it’s not coz I would love to carry on with it 🙂

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