Weight Loss Coffee Review…Javita Burn + Control

weight loss coffee javita burn + controlIf you have been looking around the internet for weight loss coffee products you may have at some point come across Javita’s Burn + Control weight loss coffee.  This article is a brief summary of the product and offers a few thoughts to consider when choosing a weight loss coffee.

Company:  Javita International Ltd.

Location:  Boca Raton, FL

Cost:  $45.50 retail (for 24 servings or $1.90 per serving)

Efficacy:  Marginal as a single serving

What’s In  Javita Burn + Control Weight Loss Coffee

Like the majority of weight loss coffees on the market the main active ingredient is garcinia cambogia.  This natural supplement is known to effectively suppress appetite by causing feelings of satiety almost immediately after consumption.  Some minor research has shed light on garcinia cambogia also being able to accelerate metabolism.

Although this supplement can be readily purchased at your local health food store or supermarket at a fairly low price recent articles have surfaced reporting that some of these supplements have little or no active ingredients in them.

We saw in the news not long ago the witch hunt that ensued on Dr. Oz for praising the weight loss benefits of using garcinia cambogia.  Apparently a supplement manufacturer put out some bogus product and many consumers were disappointed in the supplement’s performance.  Make no mistake in understanding that where a product is sourced and how much of the product is actually in a supplement is critical.

You will rarely find much in the line of heavy analytical research on natural supplements due to the fact that large companies (who have the funds for research) can’t patent them so there’s no real reason to prove these supplements work unless they are a threat…in which case it pays to prove they don’t work!

I myself have never personally used Javita Burn + Control so I had to locate people who had and I also had the luck to speak with an actual distributor of the company…we’ll get to that in a bit.

The second active ingredient in Burn + Control is yerba mate.  This South American herb has also shown potential weight loss characteristics as well as some encouraging antioxidant activity.  Yerba mate is a staple in some South American countries rivaling that of tea to the British.

It would seem to me that the formulator for Javita Burn + Control was attempting a one-two punch combination with these two natural supplements.  The ingredient labeling on the product only shows the two supplements and a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees.

So What Did I Learn From Users Of Javita Burn+ Control?

Strangely the reports are right down the middle…50/50.  You can find reviews all over the internet with people saying the product was highly effective and another half saying it didn’t stand up to product claims.

The distributor I spoke with commented that the product had to be used more than once daily to get results which made me think that maybe the product skimped on active ingredients to get the price lower.

When new companies introduce revolutionary products they are often criticized for selling it for what the market will actually bear.  So I can understand how they would be compelled to make a weaker product to be more competitive price wise.

One particular blog I read for a Javita Burn + Control product review (you can find this by Googling weight loss coffee) had a the blog writer testing the product over a 7 day period.  At the end of her test she had lost only half a pound.  Now on the surface this would seem the product clearly doesn’t work, right?

Not so.  First of all I would give more credit to her if she went through a whole box or even better 30 days.  The body is too complex a system for us to know how and when pounds will come off or if they will at all.  We need time to get results and I’m sorry but 7 days is hardly enough to gauge the efficacy of this product.

I am a perfect example.  The weight loss coffee I use also has garcinia cambogia as its main ingredient for weight management.  Over the period of 6 months I lost 25 pounds.  I must have plateaued 3 times during that time.  I was never a very large guy I just had a beer gut so my results don’t look the same as someone with much more to lose.

My point is if you are going to try a weight loss coffee product give it time to work.  Don’t expect in one week to lose 10 pounds.  These products are meant to give you safe and gradual weight loss results over time.  You will develop a lifestyle of eating smaller portions and as a result you will lose weight it’s just that simple.

In Summation:  Score 7/10

From the reviews I read and the interview I had with the Javita distributor I would have to give Javita Burn + Control a 7 out of 10.  We can’t overlook the fact that they have been in business for roughly 5 years and there are people who swear by this product.

The ingredients are enough to get the job done but much more could have been added to increase its over all efficacy such as a carbohydrate blocker.

There are some available sources on Amazon where you can get this product and you will probably save on shipping.

For a more well rounded, well sourced, and potent weight loss coffee you can look here.

If you have used Javita Burn + Control and have some input on its efficacy please feel free to leave a comment below.





Ket Lilly


  1. I have never used this product but I have used the ingredients in it but separately. I did not know that coffee could help you lose weight until someone mentioned it to me and I started some research. That is how I found your review. I am interested in what you use. I drink about three cups coffee daily and need to lose I guess 20 lbs. So what do you recommend and how long can I expect to see lets say 10 lbs gone? Great review and I bookmarked you to visit again and maybe buy something you recommend.

    • I would definitely recommend Valentus Slimroast. I can not say to you how quickly you will lose ten pounds. Everybody responds differently to the coffee but I would at least go through an entire box and see your progress at the end. If you are like most you will be pleasantly surprised.

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