Valentus Soon To Be A Titan In The Functional Beverage Industry

Being a distributor for Valentus this past year has been an exhilarating ride.  When I began there were only three products they sold which by themselves were fairly strong.  But undeniably the tidal wave began with the introduction of SlimRoast weight management coffee in April of 2015.

The Beans That Keep You Lean

From the onset I thought if this product could be successful at its product claims we would be in for some major About Valentus Slimroastgrowth.  I ordered the coffee as soon as I could so that I could try it myself.  I was shocked to find that not only did it work well it was the perfect flagship product because it literally over-delivers.

As a marketer you want your products to be undeniable in their efficacy.  I have found that after selling this product to 60 customers of my own that I have never had a customer call me and say this product doesn’t work.

I would never be bold enough to say that everyone on the planet will get results that’s just unrealistic.  But I know from my personal experience from selling it and using it that this product is easily in the 90 percent range or better in product efficacy.

I had one customer last month that ordered 16 boxes at one time.  She told me her whole household is using the coffee!  This product is simply amazing.

The Latest From The TopAbout Valentus Sales 2016

We recently received an announcement from the leadership of the company that last month (February 2015) Valentus hit 1.1 million in sales!  Looking back last year in January of 2015 sales were $81,000.  This January 2016 sales were up a whopping 900% at $810,000.

This kind of growth is creating new entrepreneurs every day that have a serious shot at realizing the dream of time and financial freedom.  I myself can attest to some pretty nice returns on my initial investment.

It also speaks to the legitimacy of our products.  I sell with pride because I know I’m giving my customers something that will change their lives.  It’s an awesome feeling.

Positioning in this company is still very valuable to your future returns.  We are still young and many people still don’t know about us so just figure what this could mean to you as a business owner with Valentus products.

What This Means To You

Sometimes in life that chance at changing your life presents itself.  This can be a major opportunity for you and your family.  I will not sugar coat this.  It requires work and dedication even though the product can almost sell itself you still have to work to get it into the hands of people who need it.

Fortunately if you are reading this you are blessed in two ways.  One Valentus has some of the best leadership in the network marketing industry and the training is top notch.  Second you already know me and I can help you develop your second level strategies that are needed once you have outgrown your local market.  The only way you don’t succeed here is you just don’t want it badly enough because trust me we got the goods.

On the other hand if you are seeking a weight management product that over-delivers and you want to enjoy a nice figure or physique again than you must absolutely give us the chance to impress you.

You can get your 30 day risk free box of SlimRoast here:  Try SlimRoast Now!!!


If you are thinking about your own home based business then take a look at this short video and get back to me at ket@slimdownwithcoffee.com.

View the Valentus movie here:  Valentus Movie

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