Top Diet Plans…They’re Just Uncomfortable!

About uncomfortable top diet plans

What happened to the ribeye?

I know how you feel.  The things we have to do to lose weight are just down right unnatural.  Who in their right mind actually wants to stop eating comfort foods?  That’s why we like them they are comfortable!    No carbs!  Are you kidding me?  French fried potatoes, buttered bread, BEER…come on now there is something seriously wrong here.

Why is it that everything we love has to be so bad for us?  I’m sure that with time we can develop an acquired love for healthy food like green vegetables, lean meats, and other gluten and dairy free foods but man does it suck to live without the so called bad stuff.

Fun fact…early tribal communities often would not eat lean animals.  Why is that?  No fat.  You see even though they never had the technology we had they knew from experience that lean meat didn’t cut it in the long run.  I’ve got an interesting read for you on the misconceptions of food by the great author Sally Fallon, Nourishing Traditions – The Cookbook That Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition And The Diet Dictocrats.  You will find that your body isn’t crazy for wanting certain things like fat; it is a natural and necessary nutrient in its saturated form.  Read this book and thank me later.

I Have A Gripe Against Top Diet Plans

I didn’t lure you here to talk about my unpopular views on food.  I just wanted to let you know I have spent many years trying to break the code on how to enjoy food and not lose the battle of the bulge.  Up and down we go with these weight loss plans every time, it never ends.  They have a new name every year for the current in style diet plan.  You show some progress and then you fall off the wagon and you gain your weight right back.

I know of two people that got their stomachs stapled, lost weight, and gained it right back within three years.  That’s just wrong.  Even surgery can’t guarantee weight loss.

Even more discouraging to me is the fact that we have people who are in fantastic shape with low body fat and still they drop dead from heart attacks!  I’m no doctor but something isn’t right here.  If exercise and eating right still don’t guarantee a life of health and longevity then what’s the point?  Just for looks I guess.

Let me clarify my position here.  Eating healthy is still under scrutiny.  Kale is killing it right now but no one was making a big deal about it five years ago.  There was a time when soy was the big new thing…now no one’s interested.  Next year they will find something new to worship.  I have nothing against eating sensibly.  I do feel that processed food unfairly creates an addiction in us that is hard to deny.  If you are eating healthy good for you it takes real discipline to pull that off.  But for the rest of us weak humans that want to indulge in our animal instincts, we need a little leverage to lose weight.

I know just the trick.

Don’t Deny Yourself What You Want…Control It

All nutritional, hereditary, and physiological factors aside, what generally causes us to lose weight?  Simple math.  If you take in 2000 calories in a day you had better use 2000 or more calories that day or that energy is going to get stored as fat.  This is generally speaking of course.  Most diet plans go all around the world just to get back to this same basic principle.  Less calories going in more calories going out.

Now if I could get you to eat less of the things you like then you will undoubtedly lose weight.  This is of course after we eliminate other factors like illnesses that make weight loss more of a challenge.  So you are basically doing nothing out of the ordinary as far as what you eat…you just eat less.

Furthermore, because you are eating less there will be no need for Zumba classes or exhausting weight training sessions that you will eventually get tired of doing at some point anyway.  It’s not natural for us to exert ourselves in short periods of time like that.  Only in flight or fight situations does nature require you to be a super hero.  Otherwise you would be hunting and gathering in peace.  So you won’t need this potentially injurious activity to lose weight either.  Again if you love this type of thing more power to you.  Some of us would rather be doing other things.

Okay so how am I going to get you to eat less of what you like to eat without making you force yourself to do it?

It’s Called An Appetite Suppressant

An appetite suppressant works better than anything out there hands down.  Hers’s why.  It doesn’t matter what you are eating because once your stomach says its full the show is over.  Now again people with medical and psychological issues may not be able to benefit from this type of supplement so they may need to check with a doctor before using an appetite suppressant.

What normally happens is you take the supplement early in the day preferably the morning.  If the supplement is of good quality your hunger is immediately eliminated.  So you can simply skip breakfast and lunch if you wish…or don’t.  Let’s say you go ahead and eat lunch.  You won’t be eating a big lunch.  Your stomach will tell you to stop very soon into your lunch.  Everyday it will seem that food is becoming less and less an issue for you.  You will eat when you are hungry and it doesn’t matter what you eat.  One important note here.  I have found that ingesting an appetite suppressant works much better if is ingested by itself without food.  I think food slows its absorption so consider this if you are gong to try one.Untitled design (1)

The gradual decrease in food consumption leads to a smaller stomach.  The stomach naturally shrinks over time when you don’t pack it full of food.  So at night when the suppressant wears off you will be hungry.  Go ahead do your worst.  You will be amazed to find that you are seeing more leftovers make it to the refrigerator.  This is the power of a quality appetite suppressant.

The most wonderful thing about this it really feels like you are in control.  You feel so much better when you can have what you love and still lose weight gradually over time.  You may even detoxify and become regular…can you say awesome?

What Appetite Suppressant Would I Recommend?

Garcinia cambogia.  This natural supplement is a fat burner as well as an appetite suppressant.  Recent testing however has exposed some garcinia cambogia supplement manufacturers as not having a quality product.  They are basically selling sugar pills.  Go with reputable brands.  Trust me you know you have a dud if you don’t feel anything.  If you bought it out of the discount bin then don’t be upset when it doesn’t work.  With all supplements I recommend you do some research and be open to paying a little more for quality.

This supplement is readily available all over the place in pills and capsules.  Vitamin stores, supermarkets, and of course a multitude of online sources can get you slimming down in no time.

I’ll tell you how I get my garcinia cambogia in everyday without having to pop pills…

Weight Loss Coffee

That’s right it comes in coffee too.  One cup of coffee in the morning and no desire to pig out for several hours usually up to around 4:00-5:00 pm!  This brand sources from only high quality providers so every packet you use is guaranteed to do the job.  I’ve been using this coffee for three months and I steadily dropped down over time 20 lbs.  I am 44 years old.  I weigh 185 lbs.  My waist is  33″.  I was 210 lbs with a waist of 38″ before.  Like I said it was gradual and I still ate pizza, burgers, and drank beer.  I just couldn’t eat as much of it.

If you would like to try this coffee you can learn more about it on my page My Recommended Weight Loss Coffee.  It comes with a 30 day no risk guarantee…seriously this product is changing lives.

You Can Thank Me Later

Well I hope I have saved you from another bad dieting idea.  You can lose weight gradually and maintain the weight loss with an appetite suppressant.  No it’s not an overnight miracle product but it does work and its efficacy is well documented and proven.  I don’t mean to discourage you from exercise and eating healthy food I just want you to enjoy your taste buds more often like nature intended you to.

If you use or plan to use garcinia cambogia products leave me a comment below and let me know how you are doing.  I would love to hear testimonials from other people on this wonderful supplement.



Ket Lilly


  1. I also know of people who have had their stomach stapled, lost weight and gained it all back again. This is not the way to lose weight. A healthy eating plan for life is best. Those cravings are the problem. Processed foods have so many additives in them, they are not healthy.

    I am not sure if I like the idea of drinking coffee to lose weight. I see that it has some good nutritional ingredients as well as the coffee. I am please that it worked for you.

    • I understand what you mean. This concept isn’t going to appeal to everyone but I hope to inspire those who see it as an easier and more stable way to achieve their weight management needs. Some of us are naturally wired to eat healthy and can do so with no difficulty…the concept of weight loss coffee is for those who don’t care for the stringent rules of what can and can not be eaten. Thank you for your comment.

  2. I agree with the principal of continuing to eat what you like, just eating less of it. However, is there not a place for the new ‘super-foods’ in our diet? The principal of eating less calories than are being expended can surely lead to an unbalanced nutrient diet and leaving the body tired and lethargic. There must surely be a balance between quantity and what our bodies need to remain healthy.

    • I think there is merit in adding super foods to your diet. Using an appetite suppressant doesn’t let us off the hook for nutrition…I hope that when people use appetite suppressants they make good choices when they eat. However, the major benefit of appetite suppressants is they allow us to enjoy the foods we love.

      Me for example…I fix my own meals most of the time. So during the week I get plenty of greens and healthy fats and proteins into my diet. When the weekend comes I will usually enjoy pizza and burgers or whatever comes my way.

      I feel that it’s what we do with the majority of our eating that makes the difference here.

      So I’m not advocating unbridled unhealthy eating. In fact I would say eating healthy while on appetite suppressants is a good idea. But should you get invited to go watch the game with friends…enjoy your comfort food. The suppressants will keep you slim and you can still eat what you want.

  3. Hi

    I agree with the fact that all these modern diets are just too much pain and too ridiculous.

    I have friends who have drank only lemonade for weeks because they heard that it was the new fad diet, Coffee in the morning is definitely a great way to start the day and you wont be needing that huge breakfast to get you started.

    • Yeah I’m familiar with that lemonade diet…it is actually very good for detoxification. It’s just not something you can do indefinitely. Using coffee is something many of us do daily so there’s no major change in your routine required.

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