The Best Diet Program…The No Diet Diet

So you are looking for the best diet program.  Well lucky you to have found this blog post because I am going to blow your mind!  I am going to call this new diet program The No Diet Diet and here’s why…

The Best Diet Program Is No Diet Program

Do you really want to exercise to the point you’re half dead?  Or how about sitting down after a long day to some high fiber, low carb, lean meat supper?  Mmm-Mm that sound delicious!  No it doesn’t.  The fact is our taste buds know better and they always tell the truth.  But what can we do when what we really want always seems to put unwanted pounds on us?  What if I told you that I could show you a way to eat what you want and still lose weight?

If I said “Eat what you want to eat” would you think I’m selling you a brick in a VCR box (dated reference)?  I can understand that it’s logical considering the constant dieting advice you have been force fed for so long.  Here’s where it gets good.  My diet program is no diet because it requires no change in what is eaten or how much you exercise.  How can this be?

About the best diet plan

Oh there’s no way I’m getting all of this down…

If you had the power to remove your physiological reaction to hunger then you would simply eat less.  It’s that terrible carb roller-coaster that turns you into a virtual crack head by lunch time just dying to get your hands on something that will put those cravings in check.

So if we take away those hunger pangs now you are left with logical choices.  Or even better, the ability to not choose at all.  Maybe work through lunch instead and get more things done.  Most days I am so busy working I forget I didn’t eat because I don’t feel hungry.

And guess what?  The longer you keep this optional eating thing going the smaller your stomach gets and before you know it you try to slam that double Baconator combo (large of course) down at lunch time and uh-oh…can’t get those fries all in!  Your stomach has officially kicked you out.  It’s too small to get it in without discomfort.

Discomfort trumps hunger, end of story.

So How Do I Do It?

You’re going to love this.  It’s called weight loss coffee.  Within weight loss coffee is an ingredient called garcinia cambogia and its job is to tell your appetite to go take a hike.

So my day goes like this…before I eat anything I make a cup of this coffee and get it down first thing.  If the product you use is of good quality it will be mere minutes before you are free of any desire to eat.  I stress this point…do not drink this coffee with your breakfast!!! It must be ingested so that no other food slows its absorption into your blood stream.  Food is going to ruin the effect so if you want to eat do so after the cup of coffee.  I have used it with food and yes it still works but not as well.  If you do as I instruct you here you will not want breakfast and more than likely lunch too.  Everyone is a little different so you may need two cups to get through a day.

Now once you begin this routine you will notice instant results.  Some more than others but there is no way you remove up to 2/3 of the calorie intake you get daily and in seven days you don’t see a change.  Some people get almost unbelievable results others more slow and steady.   But stay the course and you will be glad you did I assure you.

That’s why I say this is a No Diet Diet…the desire to eat is taken away.  When you do get hungry you will eat less than before that’s just how it works.  So I don’t care what you eat when you get around to eating it will not change the fact that the majority of your day you ate less or sometimes you didn’t eat at all.

Where To Get Your Hands On This Dynamite Joe

Although I have my own recommendation there are several weight loss coffees out there.  Check Amazon and you will find easily five different types.  I am partial to avoiding cheap products because you get what you pay for that is a fact.  So keep that in mind while you research the brands you come across.  However if you feel like you don’t want to take chances than by all means let me advise you to try SlimRoast it delivers without question.

I hope you find this information encouraging because you should be picturing yourself enjoying your food and managing your weight without the stress of grueling exercise or tasteless meals (not that I feel these are bad I just don’t care for them).  Feel free to thank me later.

Any questions or concerns please leave me a comment below and thanks for your time!

Ket Lilly


  1. Wow this is pretty cool. I have been over weight for a while to where my doctor said I need to loose weight more than twice. This is revolutionary, actually got me clicking away to get my hands on some of this coffee, I’m actually going to have to let my wife know about some of this. Thanks for the article

    • Yehoshua, you are welcome. You will find this product to be every bit as effective as I have stated it to be.

  2. I am seriously coffee addicted dude. My favorite all time is double shot espresso..Learning from your website, I may have to regulalrly come back to check out new things about coffee. Great article…I take coffee as my keep in shape diet secret too. I am now going for slimroast as recommended. Keep up the good work.

    • If you like double shot espressos then you will love Slimroast! It has a good amount of caffeine (I believe its 120 mg) so you feel energized for hours.

  3. Emotional state plays a huge role here and is very important to play it right. Combined with this great coffee, people will experience awesome results. But if you can’t control your emotional state, there is no way you can get the body you always desire. I must say congratulations for giving a detailed explanation of how you can get the best results possible and also for your honesty of course. Keep it up.

    • I agree our emotional state is always a critical factor when we are trying to achieve something. This product hasn’t been on the market long enough for me to know how well it helps someone who may have a compulsive disorder with food…I stay away from making outlandish claims. As long as you are a normal and healthy individual this product can really help you control your weight.

  4. Alright. Let me get this straight. You are promoting a product that not only contains a stimulant, which is not necessarily good for you in the first place, but it also suppresses your appetite, so you don’t get any important nutrients in the morning. Not eating breakfast and only drinking coffee can put you at risk for obesity, chronic mood swings, increased risk of heart attack, decreases physical performance and decreases mental performance. Sure, you might loose some weight, but there is a lot more to being healthy than losing weight. Why don’t you just man up and lift some weight and eat some real food instead of being addicted to drugs.

    • Wow…the first thing I have to ask is where are you getting this information about “not eating breakfast and drinking coffee” being so dangerous? This comment is worthy of an entire post but I just want to give you a couple of links that may change your idea about eating breakfast and drinking coffee.

      As far as eating breakfast goes you can take a look at this article in the Washington Post: The science of skipping breakfast: How government nutritionists may have gotten it wrong

      And for your contempt on coffee look here: Health effects of coffee: Where do we stand?

      As for your last comment telling me to “man up”…I’m 45 with two kids and many responsibilities that don’t allow for the time to hang out in gyms like I could when I was younger. This product speaks to persons who need alternative ways to control their weight.

      I applaud you for your willpower in controlling your weight in whatever way you do it. The fact is that some of just don’t want to do it your way and we need time leveraged results to help us manage our busy lifestyles. Your opinion goes duly noted and the next time I get in the mood for deadlifting I’ll be sure to look you up.

      Thanks for the comment Eric.

  5. I’ve been looking for great diet programs for a while but there are just so many on the internet, especially when it comes to January!

    Your weight loss coffee recommendation sounds intriguing because it’s something I would never think of. SlimRoast seems to me like an ideal method for losing weight, and this is one I will seriously have to check out because I need to lose some weight from my waistline 🙂


  6. I have heard of garcinia cambodia but not being used with coffee. I am a coffee drinker and this article has peeked my interest in checking out Slimroast, as well as several similar weight loss coffees. With the New Year, I have been doing the South Beach diet. It is initially restrictive but it is working so far. Even though the No Diet Diet will find you looking for less food, you can make some healthy food choices, along with eating a few foods you enjoy. Do you drink the coffee with milk or sugar? Thanks…Dennis

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