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About SlimRoast CoffeeOne of the toughest decisions you will have to make today if you are an average American is what you will eat.  Tough not in the since that food is scarce but that food is abundant.  In fact food here in the land of milk and honey is so abundant we have the luxury of mistaking it for entertainment at times.

So the tough part comes when we have to say no to those foods we love for our own good.  In some cases it’s not so much what we eat it’s just how much of it we eat.  I am here today to help you see the light.  This issue is soon to be a thing of the past.

The Grip That Food Has On You Is Not Entirely Your Fault

It’s no secret that the food industry stays up late at night figuring out ways to keep you wanting more and more food.  I read an article not long ago that stated even the “snap” of a potato chip is carefully engineered as well as how many times it takes to chew food before we swallow it.

Not only that but there is a considerable amount of chemical engineering going on that is designed to keep you hungry and addicted to food.  Just consider the well known excitotoxin MSG (monosodium glutemate).  I won’t even go into the health risks this additive is linked to that would take a whole post.  But MSG is literally put into food to trick your taste-buds into thinking the food is much more delicious than it really is.

While we’re at it let’s talk a little about sugar.  I love sugar.  However never was there a more insidious food that finds its way into almost everything we eat!  Check the label on the things you use on a regular basis and you will see the magical sugar line on the supplement facts chart that never shows the RDA for sugar.  The reason is because lobbyists in service to the food industry have managed to keep this line a secret.  Why do that?  Because usually the amount of sugar is often many times what you should be eating in a day.

The problem with sugar and its super-powered substitute HFC (high fructose corn syrup) is that they enter the blood stream and spike your blood sugar so aggressively your body is forced to compensate by increasing fat storage through the liver.  If you ever have time on your hands take a look at the movie Fed Up by Katie Couric and Laurie David for a more in depth look at sugar.

The point here is it’s difficult for us in our busy lives to stay on top of the food industry’s gimmicks let alone avoid eating them altogether.  Eating healthy is expensive.  It also requires more of your time as most healthy foods must be prepared at home.  It’s no wonder obesity continues to rise at an alarming rate.

Then Comes The Diet Trends…

I had a lot of fun writing a post on diet trends not to long ago.  No matter what they introduce next the outcome is always going to be the same at least for most of us.  There are those who have exceptional will power and after having success with a diet they remain physically where they want to be.  But I’m not talking about those people…I’m talking about the majority.

The crowd that gets on the wagon and falls off the wagon on a regular basis.  I am one of those people.  I even did P-90X like many people I know.  This is an absolutely powerful fitness system and I had tremendous results but in the end what normal person is going to be into extreme exercise for the rest of their life?  It’s just not realistic.

What it all continues to boil down to is we love food.  I think our creator meant for us to enjoy it…just in moderation.  So what I have brought you hear today for is to consider a different way of looking at food consumption.  Instead of telling you what you can’t eat and imposing outrageous exercise regimens that no human was meant to endure regularly I would like to share a new way to manage your weight…

The Diet That Isn’t A Diet

If you could take the hard part out of your food choices everyday you could be successful at weight management.  What I mean by hard choices are the choices made for reasons other than logic that have to do with food.

The desire for carbs for instance…your brain is chemically demanding you for carbs.  If you have them early in the morning you can bet by the afternoon your brain is going to do its best to tempt you into some snack or lunch item with carbs in it.  This is involuntary and very seductive because the temptation comes from a trusted source…your own brain!

So what I want to suggest to you is a new way to make your brain believe it has already gotten what it wants.  By using an appetite suppressant your stomach will tell your brain that “we are full” and your brain will stop bugging you about those carbs.  The appetite suppressant is garcinia cambogia and it’s delivery method…coffee!

We know that a large population of people in the world enjoy a cup of coffee everyday.  So why not add a little more to the coffee so that while people are enjoying a daily cup they can also get an extra benefit from it.  The coffee is sourced from high quality suppliers of dark Italian roast arabica coffee to ensure the flavor is exquisite.

But why stop there?  While we’re at it lets throw in some other ingredients to help limit fat absorption,  increase fatAbout SlimRoast coffee burning, decrease sugar cravings, and of course a healthy shot of caffeine wouldn’t hurt.

This product is called SlimRoast.  It is made by Valentus who also has three other well formulated beverages that you may be interested in.

However for this post I just want you to picture yourself losing weight while enjoying a cup of coffee as you usually do on a regular basis.  No one is going to tell you don’t eat this or don’t eat that.  No one is going to tell you to go get some exercise in.  If you do these things however your results are even more astounding but not required.  This is about you and what makes you comfortable.

The appetite suppression works for the majority of customers.  In the case that you are the unlucky few who doesn’t get results with SlimRoast the company offers a no hassle guarantee.  Just send the unused portion back (see Return Policy) for a full return of the purchase price less shipping and handling.

I hope I have raised your curiosity for this amazing product.  Valentus is currently ranked in the top 10 in sales growth at MLMRankings.com for a reason…this coffee does what it says it does.

So what are you waiting for?  Oh I didn’t tell you where to buy it?  Sorry about that.  You can get it here:

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