Green Coffee Beans…What’s The Big Deal?

You may have heard mention of yet another newly found super food supplement known as green coffee bean extract.  Even Dr. Oz had a segment on green coffee bean extract.  Let’s take a brief look at where this supplement comes from and what it can potentially do for you.

How Green Coffee Bean Extract Is Made

There is nothing special about the coffee beans themselves.  The only difference is the beans have not been roasted yet to turn them into brown coffee beans as we normally know them.  So apparently the beans are soaked until theAbout green coffee beans healing nutrients are released from the raw coffee bean and the derived liquid becomes the extract.

Potential Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Research (lab animals primarily) has shown health benefits in the following areas:

  • The extract contains chlorogenic acid which in laboratory tests reduced fat absorption in the liver and the body.  It also increases activity in a fat burning hormone called adiponectin.
  • A reduction in hypertension or high blood pressure is also a benefit of ingesting chlorogenic acid.
  • Studies have shown that cholesterol and triglyceride levels are improved in test subjects at high risk for heart disease.
  • Tests in human subjects identified lower carbohydrate absorption which has given some companies the idea to call it a carb blocker but remember these tests aren’t definitive.
  • Obviously  from the first four benefits mentioned weight loss should come as no shock.  Subjects saw weight loss at an average of a pound per week in a twelve week study.
  • There are also high levels of antioxidants found in the extract that offer cancer fighting benefits.

Where You Can Get It

This product can be purchased by itself usually in capsule form from a variety of manufacturers online as well at your local vitamin and supplement stores.  If you are open to a more efficient method of getting this supplement into your diet with the added benefits of other great supplements such as garcinia cambogia, ginseng extract, and L-carnitine I would suggest you consider giving SlimRoast Coffee a try.  Yes believe it or not there is a coffee that will deliver the benefits of weight management and so much more.

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