Good Diet Plans: Drinking Coffee To Lose Weight…Is It Possible?

With all the diet plans out there some good some not so good a new question has emerged.  There are coffee beverages new to the marketplace that claim to help you lose weight.  The simple truth about good diet plans is we know they’re good because we can clearly tell something is changing and hopefully the changes occur rapidly.  So you should know a few things about weight loss coffee if you’re are considering this weight loss method.

There Are No Miracle Ingredients

Please hold the snake oil.  Weight loss coffee is going to have usually one main ingredient responsible for the results and that is an appetite suppressant.  The most common ingredient used is garcinia cambogia (you may have seen thisAbout Garcinia Cambogia supplement discussed on the Dr. Oz show).  This supplement has been used by tribes to create feelings of fullness in cultures where food is scarce.  It is amazing.  One dose early in the day and you will ride through breakfast and lunch with no cravings.  You see it isn’t so much the coffee burns fat or blocks carbs it simply keeps you from eating so much.  Less food in means less calories which leads to weight loss…simple.

What Type Of Results To Expect

No one person is alike in physiology.  You will find that one person slowly loses weight over a long period like 2-3 lbs a week.  I have heard a woman say she lost 6 inches on her waist in two weeks.  We don’t know what people do in addition to using the coffee so the possibilities are endless here.  The average is 1/2 lb a day.  You will lose a little…then it will come back a bit as your body begins to realize your food habits are changing.  The roller-coaster will usually end in a deficit.  So if you’re going to try this understand that your body may sway from day to day but over time you can’t help but lose weight because you’re eating less.

No supplement can go without an occasional negative story.  Someone, somewhere is going to be allergic to this supplement I guarantee it.  Naturally if you change your food consumption your body is spending less time working on digestion it begins to eliminate some business it hadn’t been able to get to.  If your body should begin to detox and it probably will you could have an adverse reaction.  In most cases this is temporary and nothing to be scared of.  It didn’t happen with me but I don’t eat a lot of junk food so I didn’t have much to eliminate.  Anyway you should be aware and if you have had food allergies in the past it is probably best you check with you doctor before using any new supplement.

Shop Around

There are at least four weight loss coffee products on the market right now.  You can search them on Amazon and investigate for yourself.  I am a distributor for a new product that has been changing lives since its introduction four months ago.  My product is not the cheapest I will be forthcoming about that but in my opinion the formulator went all out to source the best ingredients possible.  I have always paid for quality especially when my health is concerned.  Should you want to try my product you can learn more about it here: Valentus Slim Roast


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