"I'm Not Saying This Is A Conspiracy...But It Sure Looks Like One!"


Have you ever wondered if you will ever beat this weight loss thing?  Join the club my dear friend because you are not alone.  The fact that the number one and two New Years resolutions virtually every year involve fitness and weight loss only proves that people never seem to meet these goals.

There are several reasons we can point to for this problem that  you may be already familiar with.  But I am here today to reveal to you some very disturbing facts that once you learn them will have you wondering about the intentions of the food and dieting industry as a whole.

You see I have a feeling that we are being hoodwinked.  I think that every year we are set up to fail.  Like sheep we continue to get fleeced for our hard earned dollars only to do it all over again the next year.

What I intend to do for you in this message is to enlighten you on what you may be missing that is seriously slowing you down from meeting your weight loss goals and I will share with you what I did to get even and get off the dieting roller-coaster permanently.

You will soon see that losing weight and keeping it off does not require exercise, calorie counting, and avoiding foods that you actually like to eat.

Before we go on I'd like to introduce myself my name is Ket.  I am simply just a guy in his mid 40's that like many people in my age group struggle to keep belly fat under control.  I live in San Antonio, TX which is a tourist destination primarily and so we have tons of food establishments here.  Not only that the food culture which is influenced by Mexican origins is made with lots of starch, dairy, and protein.

I struggled to keep weight off of my stomach and waist.  I did exercise programs like P90X and I tried many different calorie counting techniques only to get temporary results and go right back to where I began...bloated and uncomfortable in my body.

I remember just laying down on my stomach I could barely breathe!  Not only that this climate is hot in the summer so at some point you are invited to a pool party and I don't know about you but it just felt uncomfortable taking my shirt off in public.  I know some guys don't care about having a huge stomach sticking out over there waist line and but that doesn't make them look any better they still look terrible.

My wife often would make comments to me about my gut and like I said as men sometimes we try to make getting fat in middle age a rite of passage.  But let me tell you there are lots of relationships that go bad from people not taking care of themselves.  If someone you love is telling you to watch your weight then you may want to hear me out because I can help you.

We will get to that later.

But first I want to open your eyes to a few things that you may have missed that may be seriously effecting the outcome of your weight loss efforts.  So the first thing I want to talk to you about is...

Subliminal Advertising

Did you know that there are studies that prove without a doubt that some of us can be manipulated to eat by simply putting an image in front of our eyes?  One study I found used two groups.  While watching a television program one group was shown healthy foods  like fruits and veggies and the other was shown high calorie, high fat food to record their responses.

The group that was shown the high calorie, high fat food (which by the way is another way to say tasty food) had many individuals heading to the kitchen even if they weren't necessarily hungry!  They were just searching for something in the cupboard  to chew on even if it wasn't what they had seen on television.  

Interestingly enough the other group that was shown healthy foods (or what I call rabbit feed) showed virtually no response.

I'm going to go on a tiny rant here if you will allow me to...it says something about humans and food that tasty food automatically triggers an eating response in some cases on a subconscious level.  I believe that foods high in flavor...which undoubtedly are the foods high in fat and calories are instinctively keyed to our genetic response.  We want these foods not only because they are delicious but our genetics make us want these foods because we actually need them!

Healthy fat for instance is critical for your health.  Particularly brain function.  I read a book not long ago that stated early Native American tribes who were virtually free of disease prior to colonization lived on a diet of animal fat.  In fact the lean meat was all but completely avoided!  It was the organ meats and fat that after generations the Native Americans knew kept them healthy.

Don't forget that animals that survive on vegetation have two stomachs and square teeth to grind their food...do you have two stomachs and square teeth?  You're digestive tract is physiologically more like a lion.  I know vegetarians will hate me for saying it but our bodies aren't designed for "chewing the cud".

It was the introduction of vegetable fats that from what I have read helped to increase the rates of heart disease.   Think about it, many of the diseases we suffer from today were very rare 100 hundred years ago.  So all I'm saying here is that the reason you want fat in your food is not because there is something wrong with you it's what's wrong with the food and the quality of fat we get from the food.

But getting back to the point.  You're at home watching TV and an Applebee's commercial pops on with all the shiny, greasy, cheese laden foods that they are known for.  Your mouth almost immediately starts to water.  Even if you don't care for Applebees's the experience of the food still reaches you.  So then all that work at the gym earlier that day or the calorie counting from yesterday is about to go down the drain.  

The fact is the food industry is way ahead of you and they know that they can use your instincts against you to manipulate you into eating more even if you're not hungry.

 It doesn't stop there.  No using your natural instincts against you isn't enough.  To be sure you don't get away the food industry takes it one step further and laces your food with...

Chemical Additives

The number of approved chemicals the FDA allows to be put in your food is staggering.  We are talking thousands of chemicals some of which are designed to increase your desire for food.  

Just consider the additive MSG (monosodium glutemate), this chemical triggers a reaction in your brain that causes you to think you are actually eating something nourishing.  Your body eventually responds to this by calling for more food.  If you ask me it probably is why Chinese food always makes you so hungry a few hours after eating it.

MSG is found under many different names to hide its identity from you.  That should tell you right there that the food industry is up to no good.  When you have to give a food additive alias names there is definitely something criminal going on.

Not to mention some of the chemicals that aren't in the food but in the containers that the food is in.  Ever here of BPAs?  Bisphenol A is a chemical found in some plastics.  Among other health concerns it also is an endocrine blocker meaning it hinders very important biological functions which can increase weight gain.

I could go on but you get the picture.

The food industry is not above drugging you to make you eat more...it's just business to them I guess.

The last thing I want to tell you on this subject is about

Food Quality

Our food supply took a drastic transformation after WWII.  The old school methods of farming just couldn't keep up with the demand for a nation at war and shortly thereafter we all know the baby boomers followed.

To meet the changing demand farmers began to focus on quantity not quality and our fruits and vegetables soon became devoid of the nutritional power they once had.  The result is that most food we eat today that isn't organically grown is not only stripped of nutrition it is laden with pesticides that also are clearly bad for your health.

Once again this is an issue for the body because instinctively you will feel hungry when your body is calling for nutrition.  So what we have is plenty of high calorie but low nutrition food.  Therefore naturally you will need to eat more to satisfy your body's need for nutrition.  

So what about organic?  Yes it's available but raw food requires more time to prepare and much has to be avoided to cook the nutritional value out of it.  If you have the time and money in your life to eat organic all the time I would say it is a good investment but the truth is most of us don't have the time and many of us just don't have the money.

With a food supply stripped of nutritional value you are likely to eat more because your body never feels it's had enough.

So where does all this leave us?  Everything that I have talked about so far is completely out of your control.  If you're like me I have a life to live, kids to feed, and bills to pay.  That's the problem I think with diet programs.  They require you to take on another job if you will to monitor and drive yourself to get results.  Soon because we just get tired of the calorie counting, intense exercise, and missing out on foods we actually want to eat the time always will come when we fall off the wagon.

On an even sadder note have you ever known anyone who got lap band surgery?  I've know at least three in my life.  All three only had temporary results.  They lost weight quickly and within a 2 years it was all back.  We're talking here an invasive surgery that costs thousands of dollars and ends in disappointment.

Now there are success stories with people who can take on a diet program and stick to it for the rest of their lives.  They run everyday and eat boiled or seared chicken breast and bore the hell out of us with their lifestyle.  I'm not saying that to be mean but I can't see myself not enjoying a fat marbled steak or a pile of fried onion rings or even a huge pile of beef fajita nachos.

Life is way to short to spend it eating tasteless food.

There is a solution however.

You can have your cake and eat it too...pun intended.

Let me let you in on a little secret or well maybe to us Americans anyway.

It was over 180 years ago when Sir William Jackson Hooker, a British botanist came across a fruit that the natives of India prepared and used as an appetizer.  This fruit as it turns out had many uses aside from just a snack.

The natives used the fruit medicinally as well.  One useful feature of this fruit was that after eating it the natives were overcome with a feeling of fullness.  So using it prior to eating meals caused them to require less to get full which helped food go further for their families.

You may or may not know this but in 2012 Dr. Oz shined the light on the supplement derived from this fruit it is called garcinia cambogia.  Unfortunately the good doctor has many enemies in the medical establishment due to his alternative position on medicine.  It was not long after he became the victim of a trumped up lawsuit headed up by the senate consumer protection panel where he was asked ridiculous questions concerning the efficacy of garcinia cambogia.

Remember that in this country if you have money and power you can buy loyalty from the government.  The food and medical establishments have no use for natural supplements.  They can't patent them and it really chaps their hide when supplements actually outperform their products.  So much is done to leave an unclear picture about the effectiveness and safety of supplements mostly to keep us from spending our dollars on alternative solutions.

With a little research you will find that online there are some sites that say there is no research that proves garcinia cambogia works and some sites show that list some research that it does...go figure because no one lies on the internet right?  The best I can tell you is that you will have to find out for yourself if it works for you.

Obviously I wouldn't be here talking to you about it if I didn't know for sure it does work at least for a majority of the people who use it.

But there are two problems...

First of all, in the case with Dr Oz the whole situation could have been avoided if not for one manufacturer that shipped out terribly formulated supplements.  The FDA doesn't police supplements because they are considered food.  So a supplement manufacturer can put garcinia cambogia on a bottle but the contents are not guaranteed to be accurate and the FDA doesn't care as long as no one gets hurt or complains.

If you use a supplement and it does nothing for you always consider the source and whether you went too cheap to purchase it because that does matter.  Just as an example, I used to use a popular store bought brand of multivitamin for around 15$ a bottle but when I went to a $55 brand I stopped having allergies and my colds were very short if I even got them!

So knowing which brand to buy and consistently getting results from the product you pay for is an issue.

Second, do you really want to pop pills indefinitely?  I already take enough vitamins I don't need more pills added to my life.  Most garcinia cambogia supplements are in capsule form.  If you're like me I don't love taking pills but I will if I have to.  

However, there is a better way to get the full benefits of garcinia cambogia into your daily diet without worrying about pills.

Think about this.  If you could not change your normal behavior and get this powerfully effective supplement into your diet everyday wouldn't that be sweet?  No pills every morning or grinding up smoothies you just continue to do something that over half the population of the world does every day and that you actually look forward to.

Picture enjoying the foods you love everyday never concerned with calorie counting or the feeling that you will have to work it off in the gym if you slipped up and actually ate something delicious!

See yourself slowly and gradually losing weight over time automatically with no sweating, no invasive surgeries, and no uncomfortable "I can't eat that I'm on a diet" conversation when you're with friends and loved ones.

Walk around feeling energized and experience mental clarity while your liver thanks you for giving it a break so it can go to work doing what it's supposed to do instead of spending so much energy on digestion.

Enjoy the high of counting belt loops on your belt as your waist gets smaller and for the first time in a long time having to get a new wardrobe because your old one doesn't fit anymore!

You can experience all of these great things and more and I will tell you exactly how to do it.

 Drink Coffee.

Over half of the people in the world drink coffee.  It is second to only water in global consumption.  So more than likely you already enjoy a cup every day and if you don't now is a good time to start.

Now of course I'm not referring to just any coffee.  No this coffee is different.  Remember we talked about garcinia cambogia earlier?  Well this particular coffee is fortified with garcinia cambogia and an impressive line up of extra ingredients as well.

From the first cup you will immediately become aware that you are full before eating anything.

I have to tell you I was skeptical before trying this.  In fact I wasn't even a coffee drinker.  But a relative introduced me to it and I was blown away by the instant change in my appetite.  I drank my first cup before anything in the morning and I just had no desire for breakfast at all.

Now because I was no coffee drinker I have to admit the caffeine blew me away the first couple of times!  But I soon began to realize why people drink coffee so much...it really is a stimulating experience!  I remember feeling unusually alert and my focus was like a laser.

It was like all of a sudden the lights turned on in the room and I was seeing everything...just incredible.  And to think I had been missing this my whole life.  

There was a time I thought that coffee was bad for you because of the caffeine but as it turns out this is not true.  Well I am sure that too much of anything is a bad thing but no one has ever overdosed on a cup of coffee that I have heard of or died from complications of coffee drinking.

So after doing a bit of research I found that not only is coffee consumed by billions of people everyday it has been consumed for centuries.  And as if that were not enough my first cup was already making me slimmer...like Charlie Sheen used to say... "Winning!"

So what is the name of this coffee and where can you get some?  I thought you'd never ask.

The coffee is called

Valentus SlimRoast

This coffee is like no other in many ways and I will explain to you why.  If you are looking to get off the dieting roller-coaster permanently this is the best solution for you.  I have never seen anything like this and the testimonials have been incredible for many people.

For instance the company's CEO Dave Jordan lost 40 lbs in 90 days!  The last time he spoke he was down a total of 95 lbs.  Here was his written testimonial from last year...

"Since I started on the SlimROAST Coffee I have lost 40 pounds. I have not dieted or taken time to work out. The SlimROAST Weight Loss Coffee simply has taken away my cravings and late night snacking. Since starting on the SlimROAST Coffee back in late March 2015, I still eat at my favorite places. The feeling is unreal to know that I can still eat at the Olive Garden, Jimmy Johns, Culvers, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Famous Dave’s, and all of my favorite restaurants and still lose weight in the process.  When we launched the SlimROAST Coffee we knew it was something special. Seeing is believing, so I felt it was my duty to try SlimROAST right way to prove that the product was effective.  We have the Silver Bullet of Weight Loss and I am experiencing it firsthand!" - Dave Jordan, CEO of Valentus

Well how does this all work?  What should you expect?

After using this coffee for over a year and being in contact with customers I can tell you that for the most part well over 90% of people who use this coffee will get results.

Not everyone will lose weight as quickly as the CEO of course because everyone's physiology is not the same.  What I can tell you is that the more persistent you are in drinking the coffee and letting your body tell you when it's time to eat the better your results will be.

Over the past year SlimRoast drinkers have reported the following benefits:

 - A feeling of fullness that lasts for hours

- Improved mental clarity and focus

- Elevated mood

- Improved digestion

- Reduction in stomach size making it harder to over eat

- Increased energy

- Safe and gradual weight loss 

Using the coffee is super simple...open the packet, mix it with cold or hot water, dress it however you would usually drink coffee or if you are new to coffee I would suggest starting at least with organic sugar before attempting to drink straight up black coffee...that truly is an acquired taste.

The coffee comes in convenient small packets 24 to a box and can easily be used anywhere you go.

Now again, everyone has different reactions and experiences with the coffee so no testimonial you read will necessarily be your experience.  But one thing is for sure if you are like most people you will lose weight with this coffee and if you love coffee and drink it everyday you will keep that weight off.

But let me be even more clear about why this coffee works.

You know those tendencies we spoke about earlier?  The responses we have when something triggers our desire to eat...well this coffee blocks that response in most people.  In fact if you are a busy person you may very well go 12 hours easily without eating it can be so effective.

The reason it doesn't matter what you eat is because the simple fact is if you are eating less of everything you will lose weight.

This desire to eat less is done without you thinking about it.  You will simply not get hunger pangs and smelling food is less likely to trigger you into a food binge.

At some point your body is going to tell you it is hungry...when it does go for it.  Eat whatever you like.  Whats's going to usually happen is you will soon realize you just can't eat as much of it anymore.  This continues and soon the weight begins to come off.  Some lose weight quickly others will realize inches from their waist, abdomen, neck, thighs, and arms are getting smaller.

For me I dropped around 25 lbs and then my belt loops begin to move.  Right now I'm on the last belt loop and it's been over a year I have not had to move back to the old spot on my belt since.  I will need to buy a new belt soon actually because my old one is causing my pants to sag.

All I am doing is drinking coffee in the morning 5 to 6 days a week that's it.

This product is not a weight loss program.  There are no rules other than drink the coffee.

You can start like I did with 2 packets a day and then once you get comfortable you can use one packet.  I personally can maintain my current weight with one packet but that's me you may be different.  The point is once you have used the coffee for a while you will know what works for you and you can crank it up or dial it back as needed.

So what's this going to cost?

Before we get into the cost I want you to realize something first.

Think about the money you spend eating lunch or grabbing something on the go for breakfast everyday.  Let's say we add up lunch for a month and you work 5 days a week like many people do.  On average you will probably spend conservatively $6 a day just on lunch alone.  

So $6 a day for 20 days is $120 a month.

One box of SlimRoast is only $59.95

That means that if this coffee does what I am telling you it does and you decide to skip lunch because you are not hungry you already make $60 on the deal because you save money while you are losing weight!  Come on now it just doesn't get any better than this!

But wait a moment yes it does.

You see when you become a preferred customer with Valentus you receive volume discounts!  There are three packages:

3 boxes for $129.95

6 boxes for $199.95

16 boxes for $499.95

I recommend starting with the 3 box order.  First of all it makes the cost per box $43.32 a box!  But more importantly it happens all the time...my customers email me and they have lost their login info and they are panicking because they ordered only one box and they are about to run out and they can't stand to think they will have to go without this coffee for one day!

If you order this coffee and you feel it isn't up to snuff you can always return the unopened boxes.  I know some companies will let you send unused product back to them but Valentus doesn't offer that type of guarantee at this time.  The sealed and unused boxes however will be refunded to you.  This has been a very rare occasion by the way.  The majority of my customers are very satisfied with the coffee.

If you have someone you love or just a good friend you want to lose weight with then I recommend the 6 box order.  At $33.33 a box you are simply winning (yes like Charlie Sheen) and you will have plenty of coffee to last you for a while.

By now you're probably thinking "Can this really work for me?"  My answer to that is based upon the results I've seen in others it is a high probability you will get results with SlimRoast.  Here are a few more testimonials:

"In only 20 days, I have lost the most difficult 5 lbs. that have plagued me following my child bearing years, but more impressive than this is that I’ve lost a total of 13.5” inches in areas that I just otherwise would not have been able to lose!~ Aside from the actual numbers, I've gone down 2 bra cup sizes! (from an i to a g, and almost fitting back into a dd)! T-shirts that sat just around the top of my jeans are now closer to the bottom of where the zipper starts on jeans! My jeans are easily coming off my body without undoing them. And the biggest clothing difference was my go to little black dress. The last time I wore it was snug, everything stayed in place because of the tightness of it. I wore it to my uncle’s celebration of life last weekend and had to wear a strapless bra, because it was so loose. Thank You SlimROAST Coffee Check out these inches lost: Chest: 0.5”, Ribs: 3” , Waist: 7.25”, Hips: 1.5”, Thighs: .75”, Upper arm: 0.5”  -Teresa, Canada

"I've lost a total of 53 lbs. with Valentus SlimRoast Coffee. All my life I've struggled with weight loss. In the past I've never been able to have such control over the food and of food I eat. With SlimRoast Coffee I no longer suffer from the addiction to food I had. I'm no longer obsessed with it and I eat a lot less, which is a key to weight loss. I feel great, full of energy and I am focused, plus have great mental clarity. My health and my life has changed!" -Aileen F., Florida
"When the SlimRoast coffee came out, I started drinking one cup a day. I was shocked by what happened next! The inches began to melt off, and my body seemed to be toning up all by itself - without exercising! I felt happy, I could focus better, I had a ton of energy, I had no appetite for 8 - 12 hours, and NO cravings for sugar or carbs - my stomach didn't even growl. I have now lost 60 pounds using Valentus products and went down 5 jean sizes! This has totally changed my life!" -Donna M., Indiana

"My first three babies I lost the weight really easy after birth. But my fourth, our boy, it took me three years just to lose 20 lbs. as nothing seemed to work. I struggled to lose the weight in my arms, waste and hips. My husband Rick introduced me to the Slim Roast Coffee. I love coffee and after drinking one stick daily I lost the last 20 lbs. in ONLY 45 days! I am back into my clothes prior to pregnancy and even better, back to my high school weight! My husband and Slim Roast Coffee Rock!" -Heather, Texas


The simple truth is I can't tell you how your weight loss is going to play out.  it may be more inches lost before pounds or a noticeable change in weight loss immediately.  Again everyone's physiology is different but I can tell you this you will only be wasting time by not getting your first cup of SlimRoast as soon as possible!

You have to be tired of the roller coaster of weight loss by now...I know I was.

You can be free.

 You can eat the foods you love and still look and feel great.

In other words you can have your cake and eat it too... pun intended.

The link below takes you to my site where you can get yourself your very own order of SlimRoast.  After you order I will send you an email with some additional information concerning the coffee and how I believe you can get the best results from its use.

And call it overkill but I will also email you again in about three weeks to see how things are going.  I do this because I want to know that my customers are getting what they paid for and if there is any help I can offer I want to be there for them.  It also gives me the opportunity to witness more testimonials and the life changing results people are experiencing.  That's probably the best part of all that I do when I hear someone say they appreciate the product and they are getting good results.

By now you have to be ready to get your SlimRoast at the front door ASAP!  So I will stop talking now and let you take action.