Dr Oz Is Not Wrong About Garcinia Cambogia

The recent lawsuit that was precipitated by the senate consumer protection panel’s investigation of Dr.Oz is simply ridiculous.  To say that Dr. Oz is responsible for the product efficacy of a manufacturer he has no financial relationship with (Labrada) simply shows how willing some influential interests are to make the unconventional doctor go away.

I would almost guarantee you if you looked into the ten doctors who spurred this witch hunt on you will find ties to some pharmaceutical company with an ax to grind for Dr. Oz.  It’s nothing new in this country for private interests to use government bodies to do their dirty work.  Hopefully if you’re reading this you are not naive enough to believe that Dr. Oz would risk his reputation on a supplement that doesn’t work.

What Should Really Happen Here

Whenever supplement manufacturers pull these stunts they should be put in front of congress to answer for their crime.  Instead they pay a fine or settle out of court and if they have the capital can live another day to disappoint us all again.

I would like to see the CEO or owner of the company answer some tough questions about where the product was sourced and what measures were taken to ensure product efficacy.  Then take every dime from the sales of that product plus a percentage of that and give it back to the customers they abused.

Now we have all kinds of nut jobs coming out of the wood work talking about Dr Oz is a quack further taking the country’s knowledge of supplementation back another 20 years.

The Truth Doesn’t Always Require A White Lab Coat

Are doctors and scientists right about everything?  Clearly not.  They are looking for answers constantly.  Unfortunately some of these experts can be bought and sold and scientific research gets reported with a wink and agarcinia cambogia dr oz being sued nod.  There are some things that we as normal people can experience on our own without the help of the guys in lab coats.

If you use a product and it doesn’t work for you then you have just completed your own scientific research.  If you were smart and sampled a product with a money back guarantee just send it back and move on with your life.  Why does it have to be so hard?

You are on a website that promotes a garcinina cambogia product.  This product has caused me to lose 25 pounds as of this writing and three belt sizes.  I have several customers who continue to reorder this product because it works.  I don’t need anyone to tell me it works because I see myself everyday and I know it works.

So when I see language online with false claims that garcinia cambogia is a sham I just get disappointed that so many people are so easily convinced that just because a government official says it, it must be the gospel truth.  The truth is that particular manufacturer is the fake.  When the supplement is sourced properly and delivered at the right potency it is highly effective.

Before You Believe It Try It Yourself

If you have a struggle with weight loss and you have been considering garcinia cambogia as an appetite suppressant do a little research and find a product with good recommendations and reviews and give it a go.  Be sure you have a money back guarantee so that if there is an issue you can return it.

I am sure that on this planet there are people who are completely resistant to garcinia cambogia but they are few and far between because I haven’t met one yet.  When I do I will gladly tell them to return their product for a full refund.

Congress…thanks but no thanks.  Maybe you can find time to help keep GMO labeling under control instead of hunting down doctors who support naturopathy.


Ket Lilly


  1. Hello Ket Lilly,

    I actually went into your site to read the post about Dr. Oz and I most say I agree with the statement that it is all rather ridiculous.

    I couldn’t help but look for the coffee post. I have been on an eating plan with coffee and MCT oil plus culture butter from grass fed cows for about six months now. I have lost over 30 pounds and I have more energy and better cognitive function, as a result.

    In addition I am a diabetic on meds for years and I still had issues controling my blood sugar. That problem is gone. Thanks!


    • I have seen some articles about using butter and coffee together to lose weight and I didn’t quite get all the details. But you had me at culture butter from grass fed cows, I’m a big fan of grass fed meats and dairy products as well as organic food in general.

      I have to congratulate you on a job well done. Many people just accept their lives as they are and won’t make changes for the better. 30 lbs gone and you’re controlling your blood sugar? That’s awesome!

      The formulation of this coffee I talk about on this site is designed to be diabetic friendly also so maybe I’ll see some folks with good stories like yours down the line.

      Thanks Stephen

  2. Garcinia Cambogia. I’ve actually never heard of it before. I’ll need to do a bit of research to find more information. Your title about losing weight while sipping on a coffee really caught my eye. I’m 25 and have always been pretty slim. I weigh in at 160 pounds. But I can already tell a difference from since when I was 20. I guess the older you get the less food you actually need to stay alive. I love coffee. Where can I get weight loss coffee and what does it cost?

    • Lol! I like the comment you made about as we get older we don’t need as much food to stay alive. This is not the case however. The coffee simply curbs your appetite so you eat less. Americans especially have the tendency to over eat so this product will allow you to control your cravings.

      I would never recommend drinking the coffee only to survive that is crazy!

      Anyway you can learn more about what’s in it and how to buy it here: http://www.getslimroastnow.com

  3. Hi Ket,

    I agree with you that Dr. Oz wouldn’t jeopardize his career or brand to promote something that does not work.

    With that being said, all things do not work for all people. Just like different people may require different dosages of the same medicine because their body make up is different.

    I am actually getting ready to put my plan together to lose some weight. I have heard about the garcinia cambogia, but not really sure if there are any risks from using it with certain health issues.

    I think you did a great job pointing out some interesting issues in your article. And, as a user of the product, I think you are in a perfect position to support Dr. Oz’s position.


    • I also agree that no matter what supplement you have someone somewhere will not get results or they may be even allergic to them. I hope I wasn’t too general in my statements about garcinia cambogia because my intent here was to make the case that when supplements are sourced and manufactured properly they do work for many people.

      Thanks Verna

  4. It’s too bad that so many things are driven by greed and a desire for more money than is needed. These type of cases always tend toward regression instead of progression. Sometimes, people just need to let things go and move on. Great job on the weight loss. I agree, if it works, go for it. I have found remedies that work for me and are criticized by others. However, I do what I need to do because it works. Eventually, others see that something is helping me and they stop the criticism. The hand of government should not determine what is good for someone. The individual makes this determination. In fact, deciding how we treat our own bodies is a fundamental human right.

    Thanks for standing up for what is right. I admire your tenacity.

    • Thank you for your inspiring words. It’s enocuraging to see that most of us aren’t buying this nonsense.

  5. Getting started on the GC. I’ve seen where it is mixed with tea or other ideas. Can you give me more ideas? I just don’t like taking pills Thanks, Jo

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