Dieting Sucks!

You know you have said it to yourself in your mind time and time again but you felt you were being weak by saying it aloud.  Well I’m going to say it for you.  Dieting sucks.  It sucks all day everyday and it sucks even worse on weekends when we’re trying to enjoy life!

I brought you here today to shed some light on this miserable task that we Americans more than any other country have to put ourselves through so that we can feel good about ourselves and obey the weight loss industry’s latest diet craze that will no doubt let us all down in the end.

Be assured I am not against good health and too much of anything is never a good thing.  But if I hear about one more snappy fad diet (with their irritating names like Paleo and South Beach) I’m going to freakin lose it!  Strap yourselves in because I’m going to remind you of some crazy diet related incidents you may have forgotten about.

A Brief And Admittedly Not Complete History Of Dieting Trends

I will briefly touch on many popular dieting trends but this list is by no means definitive.  There were too many to list in one post!  Anyway her we go:

  • 1930’s – The Grapefruit Diet
  • 1950’s – The Cabbage Soup Diet…while looking at the 1950’s I couldn’t help but include The TapewormAbout dieting sucks tapeworm diet Diet…yes folks tapeworms, look it up this really happened.  It was actually an older dieting method but for some reason it got noticed due to an opera singer losing 65lbs on it.
  • 1960’s – We are introduced to Weight Watchers which by the way I can respect more than the others because the people who use it still look healthy to me.
  • 1970’s – The Sleeping Beauty Diet…some say Elvis was on it.  Did you see Elvis in the 70s?  Not good.  The 70’s also brought us Slim Fast (liquid meal replacements, no thanks) and The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet.
  • A special stop in 1979, Dexatrim hits the market and it contained PPA (phenylpropanolamine) which later in the year 2000 was linked to an increased risk of stroke.  PPA was later banned in 2004.
  • 1980’s – Oh this is a good one…anyone remember AYDS?  I have to admit I was 10 years old so I vaguely remember this.  Anyway this was a candy with an appetite suppressant.  Problem was the appetite suppressant was a local anesthetic (benzocaine) meant to numb your sense of taste.  OMG! You can’t make this stuff up! Here’s the really crazy part…it wasn’t the anesthetic that so much that bothered everyone more than it was the association with the disease AIDS.  It was taken off the market because of it!
  • 1990’s – The Atkins Diet and The Zone Diet.
  • 2000’s – The Macrobiotic Diet and The South Beach Diet.  Another fun fact…In 2007 the weight loss pill ALLI was released and ohhh what wonderful side effects this one had.  If you didn’t stick to a low fat diet you were introduced to something humans never knew existed: anal leakage.  Hell no.
  • The last diet trend I will discuss came out in 2011.  It was called the HCG Diet.  HCG is a fertility drug.  This is how much Big Pharma thinks of us.  You agree to adhering to a strict 500 to 800 calorie daily diet and we will gladly let you pay us to shoot this fertility drug into your body so you can lose weight.  People actually fell for this.  It’s sad but it shows how desperate we have become as a society to lose weight.

This is just me doing a cursory search on the internet.  There are many more than this that have come and gone.  My point here is as long as we keep buying into the idea that we can change how we eat permanently or that there is a magic pill that makes it all go away we will continue to ride the roller-coaster of temporary weight loss.

Notice I am only talking about dieting trends here and not exercise.  The 1980’s brought us Jane Fonda’s Workout and Jazzercise.  I don’t see anything wrong with exercise it really is good for us.  I just have a problem with over the top and unnatural exercise regimens that no human body was meant to endure.  But that’s for another post.

What About The Social Pressure?

Ever go out to dinner with some friends or family and your time comes to order and you find yourself searching for something on the menu that fits into the narrow restrictions of your current diet plan?  “Can I get that with no butter on it?”  “Do you have any lean cuts of that?”  “How many calories are in that?”  “Oh no I can’t have dessert it’s way too many calories.”

Look at you passing up all the things your taste buds are screaming for.  I wouldn’t find fault with this if this behavior had lasting results.  But sooner or later the body wins.  You must give it what it asks for at some point it’s just human nature…with a little help from food manufacturers and their appetite boosting chemicals like MSG.

Socially, we want to look good.  We want to feel healthy.  Television keeps us aware of just how out of shape we are with entire casts of well toned and beautiful people on our favorite prime-time shows.  Not to mention images on magazines and ads we see online.  The pressure is immense.

It’s no wonder that we as a society are so easily coerced into these fad diets and pills that offer short term results.  Sure there are some who just have the willpower to stay on a diet and see the results more consistently but I’m not talking to them because they’ll say we’re weak for wanting to appreciate what we eat.

I say they’re wrong.  Our higher power gave us taste-buds for a reason.  It wasn’t so that we can eat tasteless, dry, boiled and lean white chicken breast or cram some raw veggies down on a regular basis.  Flavor comes from fat.  You can try to dent it all day but the best steak you ever had was marbled with fat.  Your body actually needs this fat depending on what expert you talk to.

The point is society has pretty much made us all highly conscientious about our bodies.  This pressure keeps some of us in a constant state of change and disappointment because we want to appear healthy as it is viewed by the general public.  The show The Biggest Loser has been running for 16 seasons because we can’t stop our obsession with this issue.

Taking care of ourselves physically is a necessity in life I just feel that it shouldn’t have to make some of us feel somehow we have failed because we struggle with it.  We also shouldn’t have to pass up the things we love either…life is too short.

A Better Alternative

It is common knowledge that part of our problem is that when we eat the foods that are available to us every day (especially the ones that are delicious) we are prone to the carb cycle.  This is where your body digests certain carbs turning them into energy and they enter your bloodstream quickly causing a biological reaction that makes you tired later.

On top of this the brain starts to signal to you that it needs more of these carbs by initiating feelings of hunger.  This cycle is very much like chemical dependence.  Most people are not strong enough to resist this urge.  In fact the response for some of us is automatic.  I know you’ve seen people at work with snacks in their drawers to help them get through the morning and mid afternoon.

The key here is finding a way to trick your brain into thinking it is already satisfied.  You can accomplish this despite whatever you have eaten. How?  With an appetite suppressant.  No not a local anesthetic like the AYDS candy from the 70’s, a natural appetite suppressant.

An appetite suppressant interrupts the communication between brain and stomach causing you to feel full even if you haven’t eaten anything.  So ideally if you get this supplement into your system before anything else you will make choices based upon logic and not the physiological response that your brain usually initiates.

The greatest thing about using a suppressant is that it will work no matter what you eat.  So let’s say you get your suppressant in first thing before you go to work.  Breakfast will be optional.  In fact a few bites and you will already feel full.  So what usually happens is people start skipping breakfast all together.

When you get to lunch time you’re not experiencing hunger pangs so you may eat or if you have plenty of work you may just work through it and go home early.  The food you eat when you eat has no bearing on the effectiveness of a suppressant.  It simply removes the urge to eat until you’re stuffed, which many of us do.

This means that over all, the decisions you are making on a daily basis are no longer influenced by your dependency on food.  So in a week the amount of calories you usually take in will gradually decrease over time naturally causing you to lose weight.

On top of this your stomach will begin to shrink.  It’s like having lap band surgery except it didn’t require invasive surgery!

So you get to eat what you want with no restrictions because you will naturally eat less of everything else.  When I sit down to eat a burger I can’t get all the fries down.  I’m usually full 3/4 of the way into the burger and I have to push myself to finish it.  Forget all those fries it just isn’t going to happen.  The good thing is I am able to eat what I want.  No restrictions, no calorie counting, no meal replacement shakes, no crazy pharmaceutical pills that have ridiculous side effects…just me enjoying what I want to eat and still managing to keep the weight off.

Types Of Natural Appetite Suppressants

There several options on the market that will get you results.  But let me say now that if you try to go cheap on your supplements don’t expect results.  Like any other commodity you get what you pay for.  If your supplements don’t work then you should consider upgrading because there is a difference.

The FDA doesn’t care if supplements have no efficacy because its just food to the FDA.  The only time you get a response from the FDA is if there is a consumer outcry or some supplement has an adverse reaction in too many people.  So if you buy a product that has very little of its active ingredient in it there really isn’t much you can do except find a better product.

Here are a few options available:

  • Pine nut oil
  • fucoxanthin (seaweed extract)
  • St John’s wort
  • Jerusalem artichokes
  • Dahlia root
  • Garcinia Cambogia

You can find lists of appetite suppressants among other things in natural remedy guides.  The only supplement on this list that I use is the garcinia cambogia.  You can get it readily at most health food stores and vitamin stores usually in pill form.

I actually get my dose of garcinina cambogia in my coffee every morning.  I use a weight loss coffee product that is formulated with garcinia cambogia as well as a host of other healthy ingredients.  One cup in the morning and I can go up until late afternoon without any hunger sensation.  I also know that this manufacturer is dedicated to delivering a quality product sourced from reliable suppliers.  I have never used the coffee and did not get results.

One Last Word…

It should be obvious but I’ll say it anyway.  I made a few jokes in this post about eating foods that are not very palatable.  The fact is that at some point we have to eat foods that are good for our health.  My point here is that we can live in balance with our diets.  We can give ourselves a little love with comfort foods and we can do our maintenance with healthy foods.

Yes indeed, I will have one of those.

Oh yes, I will certainly have one of those!

I’m just against diets that remove all the good things in life like strawberry sundaes and chocolate cake.  If you are out with friends you should be able to help them devour a pile of fried onion rings without feeling guilty.  That’s who this post is for, the people who love food…particularly comfort foods.

Remember that when you are using appetite suppressants you are also not eating and receiving necessary nutrients to maintain your health.  So when you do eat make sure you get in some proteins, fats, and healthy carbs like green vegetables from time to time.  Also a good multi-vitamin wouldn’t hurt either to supplement some of the nutrients you are foregoing because you are eating less.

You can eat for nourishment half the time and eat for the love of food the other half…you want to be balanced.  Don’t go and get these supplements and over do it that’s all I’m saying.  I want you to be happy, healthy, and free of burdensome diet plans that leave you disappointed.





Ket Lilly


  1. Hey man!

    I agree with you to an extent, because I despise the diets you mention. They are not a cure all to the epidemic that is obesity in the US. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. It just takes time management and dedication. The problem is that most people are too lazy to cook for themselves consistently, and that’s what it boils down to. Apathy.

    There’s no reason people can’t eat what they want. But at least prepare it yourselves, and add in some greens! The carb obsession in this country has gotten completely out of hand. I really could talk all day about this, but I bid you farewell for now friend.

    Do you make meals? I do but I will admit I get lazy as well. It’s hard to keep it up consistently.


    • Yes Stu, I do prepare my own meals and actually the majority of the time. I agree that we as a culture could stand to do more on the front of healthy eating. But you know as well as I that society is horribly distracted so they usually want something fast. So it is unlikely that we will see a change in this trend anytime soon. The suppressants just offer a no-brainer method of controlling consumption.

  2. Love this article and the analysis of the diet fads and their history. And who in the 1980’s did not grow up and hear about the Jane Fonda work out videos!

    This, is a fabulous quote, absolute gold!

    “You can eat for nourishment half the time and eat for the love of food the other half…you want to be balanced”

    Brilliant way to approach weight loss and dieting and yet still enjoy food.

  3. I still do the grapefruit diet and I find it really works. I really love grapefruit juice so it works well for me. It is very interesting that coffee can help with weight loss. There are so many fads out there that I found your website very interesting. Some work and some don’t. With spring coming I just may try and slim down with coffee this time!

    • I think you will be pleasantly surprised by its performance. You will never need a fad diet again as long as you like drinking coffee(;

  4. Alli is a horrible product. I only lost a small amount of weight, and even then, the stomach discomfort was not even close to worth it. There are much better alternatives out there. I switched over to the Lady Soma Detox and started dropping weight like crazy..and my stomach feels much better. Alli is a joke.

    • Luckily I never had the experience using Alli. It just amazes me that a manufacturer would even put a product out with side effects like Alli had. It’s just crazy. I am glad that things are better for you now, thanks for sharing.

  5. Really enjoyed your chronology of diet fads! 🙂 Didn’t know Grapefruit and Cabbage were something from the 30s and 50s – always thought they were invented in the new millenium. I agree that an effective to watch our weight is to control our appetite. But we must also watch how we surpress ourselves. Deprivation can result in overeating. I really think that when our body has all the nutrients it needs, it will be satiated. Love this article!

    • So true. Balance and moderation is important in all things we do and dieting is no different. I’m not advocating an abandonment of nutrition here. Instead I am promoting the control of the intake of foods that are hard to resist. The idea is to live a little without over eating.

  6. Yeah, I totally agree with you. I’ve tried a few diets in the past to lose weight, but I was never able to stick with it for more than a few weeks due to the restrictive list of foods that I was “allowed” to eat. It gets depressing when all your food is not very tasty.

    Suppressing your appetite sounds like a pretty good way to make sure you don’t over eat during a meal, or have too many snacks between meals. And from your explanation, it seems very easy to do too.

    I’ve read that things like sweeteners and sugar stimulate a person’s appetite. Would it be a good idea to avoid those while using one of the suppressants you mentioned?

    • In my experience it makes no difference due to the amount of calories in total being restricted. I just eat whatever in less amounts pretty much.

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